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Online Professional Courses and Certificates

Learning continues at the Professional Development Institute at Keystone College! Relevant, timely, online education and training! Enroll now to stay current on critical topics!

Contact pdi@keystone.edu. to learn more today, enroll in a program or join our mailing list.

Upcoming Online Professional Development Courses

As a free limited resource for customers and business partners of the Professional Development Institute, Keystone College students, and our community, we are offering three courses at no charge.  The courses are Creativity in Teams and Organizations, Introduction to Critical Thinking, and Personal Creativity. These courses have “free” after the title. When you enroll, you will be asked for first name, last name, and email address on the registration form.  Once you complete the form, a personal login will be sent to you by our online training partner MindEdge. You can then proceed to complete each course at your own pace.

Explore More Professional Certificates and Course Offerings

Our online programs allow you to learn at your own pace and at your location. They are asynchronous and you have the opportunity to study and learn when it is convenient for you. You can earn industry recognized credentials and certificate programs that will increase your knowledge and potentially advance your career. Please reach out with questions and try one of our Free Previews! Careers Grow Here! 

For an exclusive, short-term 10% discount, enter code: KEYSTONE10 when you enroll.