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Keystone Supports Our Veterans

Keystone College has long recognized and responded to the needs of the courageous veterans who have served in our nation’s armed forces. If you are a veteran and have served in the armed forces, or are the dependent of someone who served our country, we are here for you and eager to give our support.

Keystone is a great option for Veterans

Flexible learning options

We understand that frequent relocations and deployment can make it difficult to pursue your educational goals. Keystone offers day, evening, weekend and online classes that can be blended to create a customized experience that meets your needs. We also have three degrees that can be earned completely online.

Freedom to fulfill your military obligations

Your choice to serve should not negatively affect your academic progress at Keystone. We recognize that there’s a chance you might be called to active duty or may need to miss class because of a military drill. Absences resulting from your military service are excused absences. When you are notified that you will need to miss class due to drill or other military obligations, provide a copy of your orders to the Veterans Certifying Official and your instructors will be notified of your absences. They will then work individually with you to make up any missed work.

If you are called to active duty or ordered to another military obligation that will result in your need to temporarily stop attending classes for the remainder of a semester, you should contact the Veterans Certifying Official who will assist you with completing a Leave of Absence for Military Service which guarantees your ability to resume your studies once your active service is completed. The Veterans Certifying Official will assist you with both initiating your leave and resuming your studies.

Priority veteran registration

Our military students have the advantage to register before general class registration begins.

Veteran Registration Preference Policy

Honorably discharged veterans and dependent students currently using veterans’ educational benefits have been granted priority registration by Keystone College. This means registering for upcoming terms beginning on the Friday before students who have achieved senior standing. Veterans and dependents may schedule classes ahead of students who have achieved senior standing, but once general registration begins, will compete for class spaces along with all other students allowed to register at that time.

In order to exercise this benefit, veterans must send a copy of your DD 214 with the Member 4 copy (i.e., indicating character of discharge) and dependents must send the most recent Certificate of Eligibility provided to them by the VA to the Office of the Registrar in Ward Hall, PO Box 50, One College Green, La Plume, PA 18440.

The DD 214 must reflect an honorable discharge and identify a period of active duty other than solely for training. In other words, reservists must have participated in a deployment. Active duty service members who have completed their initial obligated service should send a letter from their command stating that they have completed their initial obligated service along with the dates of service.

Please complete the Priority Registration Form (PDF) and send with your documents so that we can match your DD 214 to your student record. You will receive an e-mail to your Keystone College e-mail account from us once your information has been entered into the system. We are requesting that you check your Keystone College e-mail frequently.

Contact Us

Veteran's Certifying Official

Kate Owens, M.L.S.
Associate Dean of Academic Operations and Registrar
Ph. 570.945.8300

Veterans Outreach Coordinator
Daron J. Hogan
Phone: 570-945-8371
Fax 570-945-8785
Email: daron.hogan@keystone.edu

Veterans News

Veterans Stand Together opens location at Keystone College

Veterans Stand Together opens location at Keystone College

Keystone College hosts luncheon for veterans

Keystone College hosts luncheon for veterans

Veterans Stand Together Headquarters Opens at Keystone College

Veterans Stand Together Headquarters Opens at Keystone College

“Take advantage of all the opportunities available here. They will shape who you are and what you will become.”

Darren Glass   |   Class of 2017, Student Veteran
Major: Criminal Justice

Keystone College Armed Forces Club

Elmer Hawk Veterans Center building

The Elmer R. Hawk Center for Veterans

A welcoming spot on campus where you can find camaraderie, along with resources and support.

  • Fellow military and veteran students
  • Study groups
  • Computer lab
  • Lounge and kitchen
  • Veteran Club
Keystone College Green Zone Certified Badge

Green Zone Training

Keystone College participates in the Green Zone Training initiative. This military awareness program teaches members of the College community about the issues and concerns faced by our military affiliated students and how to assist them properly.

Keystone College Armed Forces Club monument surrounded by american flags

KC Armed Forces Club

KC Armed Forces Club is a campus organization made up of men and women who have been there, done that – just like you. This student-run club enables our student veterans, spouses, dependents and other campus community members to speak with a unified voice.