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Schools and Programs

Our Faculty

Keystone College students and faculty often work together to undertake significant research projects at the undergraduate and graduate level. This opportunity fosters one-on-one working relationships and develops connections that last a lifetime.

Why Keystone College?

We believe that a Keystone College education is worth the investment.

KC Encompass Program

We incorporate the cost of texts as part of tuition and you will have access to all of the texts you need – whether offered in electronic or traditional hard-copy format, day one of classes. As an added benefit, students will be given a free iPad.

Keystone Promise

If you don’t receive a job offer or admission to grad school within six months of graduation, we will continue to work with you through career development services or provide additional courses.

Loan Repayment Assistance

If you make less than $43,000* a year after you graduate, we will reimburse your student loan payments. This can include your Direct Stafford loans, private loans, and your parent’s PLUS loans, and it’s offered at no additional cost to you.