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Undergraduate Admission

Where your story leads you depends on the classes you take, the major you select and the college you attend. Keystone College has a mix of challenging academics and opportunities for our undergraduate students.

Test optional admissions.

Keystone College evaluates an applicant’s potential for success based on several criteria rather than just standardized test scores alone. Therefore, we have recently adopted a standardized test-optional policy for undergraduate admissions.

Apply early.

We review applications on a rolling basis throughout the year. We recommend you apply as early as possible prior to the semester in which you want to begin. This will afford undergraduate students an early decision and priority in merit scholarship selection, financial aid awarding, and housing.

Application Deadlines

Fall Term

  • June 15 – Resident Students*
  • July 1 – Commuter Students

Spring Term

  • December 15 – All students

*Housing deposits must be received by May 1 in order to be guaranteed housing for the fall.

We believe in our students and want to empower them for success.

We are confident in the value of a Keystone College education and in the preparedness of our graduates. To prove that we offer these unique programs to help them succeed:

The Keystone Promise

Our pledge that within six months of graduating you will have received at least one job offer or been accepted into a transfer or graduate program.

The Keystone Commitment

A loan repayment assistance plan for graduates who have a baccalaureate degree from Keystone and earn less than $43,000 annually.

Stairs to Success

Our four-year developmental plan for student success and keeping the Keystone College Promise helps students achieve their academic and career goals.

Digital Texts

Our KC Encompass program incorporates the cost of texts in the tuition, eliminating the difficulty many students face in being able to afford textbooks.

Important Codes: SAT code: 2351 ACT code: 3602 | FAFSA: 003280