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Hospitality Business Management Degree

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries and offers a wide range of job opportunities anywhere in the world.

If you have an outgoing personality, excellent people skills and the ability to think critically then hospitality business management could be the right career for you. You should also have a passion for food, lodging, traveling, recreational activities, be willing to join a club or association, and get involved with the community.

The hospitality business management degree is a multifaceted program that focuses on various concentrations within one discipline and prepares you to work in restaurants, hotels, resorts, ski resorts, spas, fitness centers and conference centers.


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Brenda Lidy, Associate Professor

Upcoming Continuing Education Courses

Hospitality and Event Planning Projects Come to Life

Etiquette Luncheon

Keystone College’s Meeting and Convention Management class holds an etiquette luncheon. This free luncheon provides students with the knowledge needed for successfully navigating through a business lunch or dinner meeting.
Event Date: March 25, noon to 2:30 p.m., Fireplace Lounge

Designer Purse Bingo

Enjoy a fun-filled night out with your friends playing bingo for fabulous purses from the designers you love. Hospitality and event planning students plan this wonderful event each fall. Proceeds benefit the Hospitality and Events department.
Event Date: Friday, Nov. 15, 5 to 9 p.m., Theatre in Brooks

Cupcake Challenge

Hospitality and event planning students invite cupcakes from local bakeries, restaurants, and amateur bakers and tasters to attend an annual Cupcake Challenge to raise money and awareness for pancreatic cancer research.
Event Date: Tuesday, February 25, Evans Hall

Wine Tastings

The Keystone College hospitality program is a member of The American Wine Society, America’s largest community of wine explorers. Students gain hands-on experience by volunteering their time and talent to assist with our meetings.
Event Dates: Sept. 17 and Oct. 22 and Jan. 29 and April 14

Amanda Martin ’19

“I like making people happy and I get to participate in, and help plan, a lot of activities including the Food Gala, our job fair, purse bingo, and the fashion show. I was able to complete a year-long internship with a baker and have learned a lot about the opportunities in the field.”

Chelsie Bartlett ’18

“I had the opportunity to intern internationally for Sodexo in London, England, for one month. I worked in their office building and completed research on the company and competitors as well as out-of-office events. I lived and commuted locally and gained experience living in another country as well as learning more about Sodexo.”

hospitality business management internships

Hospitality students enjoy being “Secret Shoppers” at local hotels.

Students gain first-hand experience that will supplement class discussion.

Your Future in Hospitality Business Management

Salaries in hospitality business management vary depending on the position, ability, location and experience in the industry. Most graduates will start out in an entry level position and then grow into a higher level management position. Many students will have the opportunity to complete their internship and transition into the workforce. Most students in this industry will work days, nights, weekends, and holidays. This industry does not sleep! That is why there is such a demand.

Types of establishments that hire hospitality management students are:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Resorts
  • Ski Resorts
  • Amusement Parks
  • Water Parks
  • Movie Theaters
  • Casinos
  • Taverns, Bars, and Pubs
  • Cruise Ships
  • Conference and/or Conventions Centers
  • Sport and Recreation Arenas
  • Food and Supply Distributors
  • Coffee House
  • Corporate Dining
  • Vending Companies
  • Wineries

Curriculum Guide

Curriculum Guide for the Hospitality Business Management B.S. Degree

Semester 1   

  • College Writing I
  • First Year Seminar
  • Intro to Hospitality Mgmt.
  • Tech Elective: Introduction to Information Technology
  • Quantitative: College Mathematics
  • Critical Reading 0/2

Semester 2 

  • Speech Communication
  • College Writing II
  • Minor/Free Elective: (Intermediate PC Office Applications)
  • Minor/Free Elective: (Introduction to Human Resource Management)
  • Arts & Humanities Elective
  • Food Safety & Sanitation

Semester 3   

  • Social & Cultural Elective: (Principles of Economics I)
  • Hospitality Lodging & Operation
  • Written Communication
  • Arts & Humanities Elective (Foundations of Leadership)
  • Minor/Free Elective

Semester 4     

  • Purchasing
  • Meeting & Convention Planning
  • Special Topics: Career Prep
  • Scientific
  • Minor/Free Elective
  • Minor/Free Elective

Semester 5       

  • Social & Cultural Elective: (Principles of Economics II)
  • Moral Reasoning: Bus Ethics
  • Marketing
  • Advanced Beverage Operations
  • Public Relations

Semester 6           

  • Business Internship or Workplace Environments in Business
  • Current Trends in Hospitality
  • Free Elective 3000+: (Leadership Strategies)
  • Gen Ed Elective
  • Minor/Free Elective

Semester 7            

  • Business/Civil Law
  • Quantity Food Production
  • Free Elective 3000+: (Organizational Behavior)
  • Free Elective 3000+: (Sales and Relationship Building)
  • Gen Ed Elective

Semester 8   

  • Hospitality Capstone
  • Advanced Hospitality Mgmt.
  • Free Elective 3000+
  • Free Elective 3000+
  • Minor/Free Elective

Updated: 10/2017

Disclaimer: The courses listed above are a sampling for marketing purposes only. Students should consult the College catalog and their academic advisor for course selection and degree progress. Students will work closely with an academic advisor to select courses and/or academic minors that fit their interests, as well as with Career Services for career goals. While the academic advisor assists the student in planning his/her curriculum, the student is ultimately responsible for meeting the requirements of the curriculum selected.

College Catalog

See the official college catalog for all course descriptions and degree requirements.

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You can explore your academic goals in an international setting and global environment. The experience of living in a new country will build your self-confidence, add valuable skills to your tool box, and will alter how you view yourself, the world, and your own country.

Internships and Field Experiences

Not all education happens in the classroom. Internships and other field experiences give students the opportunity to learn through direct hands-on experiences outside of the classroom with a real world experience in the field.

Undergraduate Research

The process of research and discovery while working with a faculty mentor enriches the learning process and creates positive attributes which will last a lifetime. Undergraduate research encompasses both traditional research and creative endeavors.

Hospitality Business Management Faculty Profiles

Lidy, Brenda

Associate Professor of Business, Hospitality Curriculum Coordinator

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