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Information Technology for Business Certificate Program

About the Program

12 credits

In the Information Technology for Business Certificate Program, participants explore critical areas of information technology and information management in business. This certificate is a total of four courses, 12 credits. Upon successful completion, participants will have a better understanding of how software applications and the Internet are utilized effectively in a business environment. Content includes spreadsheets, databases, networking, and web site design. The certificate provides a strong foundation in information technology skills for today’s business environment.

Who Should Attend?

This certificate is open to those who have not attended college in the past and those who already hold a degree and are interested in an information technology certificate. It will serve as formal education and a short-term academic credential for those who are in a role related to information technology in business. This certificate is an opportunity for those seeking higher education in information technology to expand career opportunities.

Certificate Program Benefits
A certificate program is a flexible, convenient and short term commitment to your professional development, self enhancement and career advancement opportunities. Certificate program courses can apply to academic degrees at Keystone College

Admission to Certificate Programs
A high school diploma or a GED is required to enter a certificate program. There are no prerequisites to this certificate. All courses are taken at Keystone College and no course transfers will be accepted. A non-degree form needs to be completed to enroll.

This certificate is available on-site or online for any organization with sufficient enrollment, as a consortium based program with multiple organizations, or on campus as scheduling allows at Keystone College. The information technology certificate requires access to a computer with internet and Microsoft software applications. Access to a computer lab environment is necessary for certain courses.

Financial Aid
Stand alone certificate programs are not eligible for financial aid. Students completing certificate programs while also pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree may be eligible for financial aid. Students should check with the Office of Financial Aid to determine eligibility.

Full-time students should contact the Financial Aid Office. Keystone College accepts all forms of tuition reimbursement from employers. Part-time students can contact the Professional Development Institute for information on loans.

Required courses

  • IT 1110 – Introduction to Information Technology – 3 credits
    Introduces information technology concepts including data management and structures, networks, internet, data communications, application development, and logical design methods.
  • IT 2140 – Spreadsheets and Databases – 3 credits
    Introduces computer software packages used in business-related applications. Focuses on the development of skills and knowledge for the use of spreadsheets and database applications. Emphasizes the use of formulas, functions, and graphs in spreadsheets, and the use of tables, queries, forms and reports in databases.
  • IT 2165 – Computer Networks & the Internet – 3 credits
    Introduces software and hardware requirements needed to communicate across a network. Studies the structure and technologies of computer networks, transmission of signals, topologies associated with cabling, Ethernet media access techniques, collision and broadcast domains, and mechanics of IP addressing.
  • IT 1130 – Web Programming – 3 credits
    Provides the tools and knowledge necessary to design and manage a World Wide Web site. Participants learn how to use a text editor to create content for the internet. The capstone of the course is the design of a fully functional web site by each participant.