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Allied Health Degrees

Keystone College offers a number of pre-professional tracts in the allied health disciplines including; nursing, occupational therapy, radiologioc technology and diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy , respiratory care, cardiac perfusion, medical technology, and cytotechnology. These programs provide the first two years of study required for the respective disciplines. After successful completion of all required coursework and experiential learning hours of study at Keystone College, the student will have the opportunity to transfer credits to articulating schools as listed for completion of studies within the discipline. The completion phase is usually an additional two years of study at the articulating university. Students in good academic standing will have all credits taken at Keystone College transfer into their respective affiliate programs.

Pre-Medical Technology

Medical technologists are clinical laboratory scientists, who perform and use sophisticated laboratory techniques to aid the physician in uncovering diseases and monitoring medical conditions. A medical technologist is often on the leading edge of scientific research and plays an increasingly valuable role in the field of science and health care.

The pre-medical technology degree at Keystone College prepares students for articulation into baccalaureate programs:

A.S. Pre-Medical Technology – Two-Year Curriculum Guide

Pre-Nursing / Cytotechnology

Nursing is one of the most rewarding and challenging fields in today’s health care industry and you can make a real difference in people’s lives by caring for them. This program will help prepare you to enter into a nursing or baccalaureate program. We’ve developed articulation agreements with:

Cytotechnology is the study of cells for evidence of disease, such as cancer. Cytotechnologists are often employed in hospitals, laboratories and university research centers. Cytotechnology continues to be a rewarding profession in the health care field for those with the necessary academic and professional skills. To help prepare our students to enter into a baccalaureate cytotechnology program, Keystone has articulation agreements with:

A.S. Pre-Nursing/Cytotechnology – Two-Year Curriculum Guide

Pre-Occupational Therapy / Respiratory Care

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapists use goal-directed activities to promote functional performance in individuals affected by physical injury, birth defects, aging, or emotional or developmental problems. The Pre-Occupational Therapy prepares students for entry into a 2+2 BS program with an articulating school:

Respiratory Therapy
Respiratory therapists perform studies of pulmonary function in patients, aid in pulmonary treatment and exercise, and assist the physician in treating patients with pulmonary disease. The Pre-Respiratory Therapy prepares students for entry into a 2+2 BS programs with the following articulating schools:

A.S. Pre-Occupational Therapy/Respiratory Care – Two-Year Curriculum Guide

Pre-Radiotherapy/Medical Imaging/Cardiac Perfusion

Radiotherapists assist physicians in treating patients with malignancies. Radiotherapists use targeted radiation to shrink or destroy malignancies. Medical imaging technologists assist in diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions using x-ray imaging, CT scanning, medical ultrasound, MRI and nuclear medicine. Cardiac perfusion technologists are operating room specialists who conduct cardiopulmonary bypass during open heart surgery.

Transfer Agreements
Students interested in these disciplines often pursue multi-competency degrees in four-year (2+2) baccalaureate degree programs. Because of this, Keystone College has secured transfer agreements with such schools as

A.S. Pre-Radiotherapy/Medical Imaging/Medical Imaging/Cardiac Perfusion – Two-Year Curriculum Guide

College Catalog

View or download the official college catalog for all course descriptions and degree requirements. 


Develop an additional focus of study to help expand your resume by completing another minor.

Our Successful Graduates

Graduates of Allied Health programs at Keystone College have been accepted into bachelor degree programs at Florida Gulf Coast University, Keiser University, Marywood University, Milikan University, Misericordia University, Penn State University, Robert Marris University, SUNY Upstate Medical, Thomas Jefferson University, the University of Scranton, and William Patterson.

Real World Experience

From internships and research projects to travel and conferences, you’ll have many opportunities to conduct lab experiences, work with your peers and mentors in the healthcare field, and learn first-hand the breaking science research that’s happening in the real world.

Study Abroad

Explore our study abroad programs and discover a world of opportunities that are sure to be the highlight of your college years.


Working with a faculty mentor conducting research enriches the learning process and creates positive lifelong attributes.

Civic Engagement

Engage in civic-based projects and service-learning experiences and make a positive difference in the greater community.


Internships and field experiences give students the chance to learn through hands-on experiences beyond the classroom.

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