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Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management

Move goods around the world.

Just about everything you’ve ever bought has been brought to your hands through a global network of logistics: factories, warehouses, transport vehicles, and more. The process of getting a product from where it’s produced to the individual person who needs it has grown ever more immense in scale, and supply chain professionals are the people who plan and run these complex interconnected systems.

About the Program

The Supply Chain Management program (SCM) is designed to give students the skills necessary to secure an entry-level position in SCM, while also providing them with the educational background necessary for them to grow in their careers. This major is therefore built on top of existing business curricula, where students will acquire a well-rounded knowledge base of business and business concepts.

Learn finance, organizational behavior, global studies, and logistics by one of the top academic voices in supply logistics, and input from Fortune 500 leaders. Featuring voices from all over the world, your perspective on this global industry will be truly international.

Blue Grad Cap

94% Success Rate

94% of bachelor’s degree students reported successful outcomes within six months of graduation.

Keystone College Professor Dana Harris discusses Keystone College’s Supply Chain Management program on WBRE’s “PA live!”


1.4 million

New jobs in supply chain management created from 2014-2018


Median annual salary for supply chain managers

Supply Chain

Why study Supply Chain Management at Keystone?

Built with the involvement of academic and industry experts, the Supply Chain Management (SCM) major is intended to give you skills you can use on day one of your first job in the industry, making you a strong candidate immediately after graduation.  You’ll have a real impact, as global supply chains continue to expand and impact economies throughout the world.

Sponsors, Professors, and Experts

Our Supply Chain Management major was built by some of the top academic and corporate minds in the industry.

Rudi Leuschner is a Professor of Supply Chain Management and the Program Director for the online MS in Supply Chain Management at Rutgers Business School. His work has appeared in (among others) the Journal of Supply Chain Management, Journal of Business Logistics, Decision Sciences, the Journal of Business Ethics, Harvard Business Review, and Rutgers Business Review. He received his Ph.D. in Logistics and a minor in Marketing from The Ohio State University.

Dr. Rudolph Leuschner

Rutgers University

College Catalog

View catalog or download catalog (PDF) for all course descriptions and degree requirements.


Develop an additional focus of study to help expand your resume by completing another minor.

Supply Chain Management Course Descriptions

This Supply Chain Management offering is intended to integrate with existing business curriculum to provide students with polished skills that allow them to contribute to the operations or logistics departments of their organizations on Day 1.

SCM I – Forecasting and Logistics
This course provides a broad overview of the planning and execution of customer demand. It is divided into two parts: forecasting and logistics.

SCM II – Sourcing and Operations
This course provides an overview of sourcing and operations. It is divided into two parts. In the first part, students will learn the key components of sourcing: supplier selection, supplier segmentation, make vs buy decisions and supplier relationships.

SCM III – Capstone
This course asks students to apply the skills they have learned in their business and supply chain management education to a series of challenges. In the first part, students solve challenges in logistics, operations, planning, and sourcing faced by a fictional company.


Real World Experience

From internships and experiential learning opportunities to travel and conferences, you’ll have many opportunities to conduct real-world experiences, work with your peers and mentors in your chosen field, and learn first-hand the latest skills to succeed in the real world.

Study Abroad

Explore our study abroad programs and discover a world of opportunities that are sure to be the highlight of your college years.


Working with a faculty mentor conducting research enriches the learning process and creates positive lifelong attributes.

Civic Engagement

Engage in civic-based projects and service-learning experiences and make a positive difference in the greater community.


Internships and field experiences give students the chance to learn through hands-on experiences beyond the classroom.

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