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Professional Communications Certificate Program

About the Program

15 credits

The Professional Communications Certificate Program explores the art and science of effective communication. The skills and knowledge gained can be utilized by all participants in all industry sectors. How people communicate in a one-on-one one situation, as part of a team, or throughout an organization is often a key to both individual and organizational success. Learn and lead as a professional communicator!

Who Should Attend?
If you have formal education in another field and want to enhance your communication skills OR you are seeking a short term academic credential to jump start your career, this certificate provides enhanced skills and knowledge in the field of communications.

Certificate Program Benefits
A certificate program is a flexible, convenient and short term commitment to your professional development, self enhancement and career advancement opportunities. Certificate program courses can apply to academic degrees at Keystone College.

Admission to Certificate Programs
A high school diploma or a GED is required to enter a certificate program. There are no prerequisites to this certificate. Participants in a cohort will take lower level courses and move to higher level courses. Some courses can be concurrent on campus with approval. A maximum of one course can be transferred into this integrated series. A non-degree form needs to be completed to enroll.

This certificate is available on-site or online for any organization with sufficient enrollment, as a consortium based program with multiple organizations, or on campus as scheduling allows at Keystone College.

Financial Aid
Stand alone certificate programs are not eligible for financial aid. Students completing certificate programs while also pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree may be eligible for financial aid. Students should check with the Office of Financial Aid to determine eligibility.

Full-time students should contact the Financial Aid Office. Keystone College accepts all forms of tuition reimbursement from employers. Part-time students can contact the Professional Development Institute for information on loans.

Required courses

  • COMM 1115
    Interpersonal Communication: 3 credits – Understand and improve verbal and nonverbal communication effectiveness by applying professional techniques and observing nonverbal cues.
  • COMM 1125
    Speech Communication: 3 credits- Learn basic concepts and techniques of public speaking. Make effective presentations and learn to use applicable visual aids.
  • COMM 2110
    Professional Speech: 3 credits – Practice presenting using advanced technology to enhance presentations.  Receive feedback to boost confidence and performance.
  • COMM 3135
    Small Group Communication: 3 credits – Explore the dynamics and pragmatics involved in effective group interaction.  Practice group decision making and problem solving.

Elective course (choose one)

  • COMM 2145
    Public Relations: 3 credits – Explore the role and function of public relations and use of communication strategies to achieve organizational goals.  Review the concepts of audience analysis or persuasion.
  • BUSN 2130
    Business Communication: 3 credits – Focus on written communication to include writing effective correspondence through the use of courtesy, clarity, conciseness, concreteness, completeness, and correctness.