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Foundations of Business Management Certificate Program

About the Program

15 credits

The Foundations of Business Management Certificate Program is designed to provide a strong foundation in core business areas including communications, writing, accounting, computer software applications and business principles. This certificate is a total of five courses, 15 credits. Upon successful completion, participants will have a better understanding of business concepts and applicable knowledge needed for success in today’s business environment.

Who Should Attend?

This certificate is open to those who have not attended college in the past, and those who already hold a degree and are interested in a foundations of business certificate. It will serve as formal education and a short-term academic credential for individuals who work in a business environment and those who aspire to this career path.

Certificate Program Benefits
A certificate program is a flexible, convenient and short-term commitment to your professional development, self enhancement and career advancement opportunities. Certificate program courses can apply to academic degrees at Keystone College.

Admission to Certificate Programs
A high school diploma or a GED is required to enter a certificate program. There are no prerequisites to this certificate. All courses are taken at Keystone College and no course transfers will be accepted. A non-degree form needs to be completed to enroll.

This certificate is available on-site or online for any organization with sufficient enrollment, as a consortium based program with multiple organizations, or on campus as scheduling allows at Keystone College.

Financial Aid
Stand alone certificate programs are not eligible for financial aid. Students completing certificate programs while also pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree may be eligible for financial aid. Students should check with the Office of Financial Aid to determine eligibility.

Full-time students should contact the Financial Aid Office. Keystone College accepts all forms of tuition reimbursement from employers. Part-time students can contact the Professional Development Institute for information on loans.

Required courses

  • ACCT 1125 – Managerial Accounting – 3 credits
    Introduces accounting concepts for planning, control, motivation, internal reporting, and evaluation. Demonstrates product cost determination procedures, analysis of cost behavior, budgeting, decision-making and control.
  • COMM 1115 – Speech Communications – 3 credits
    Introduces participants to the concepts and basic techniques of public speaking. Students select topics, research and organize information, prepare visual aids, rehearse and deliver at least four speeches. Participants are expected to master techniques of speech preparation, as well as, vocal and physical delivery.
  • ENGL 1110 – College Writing – 3 credits
    Focuses on the writing process. Participants complete a minimum of five expository essays, one of which is comparison/ contrast. An MLA-format research appear is also required. Workshops for peer editing and revision for inside and outside the classroom.
  • BUSN 1110 – Introduction to Business – 3 credits
    Surveys a broad range of business concepts, provides basic knowledge needed in subsequent business courses, ad helps participants to see the role of business in society.
  • IT 1115 – PC Office Applications – 3 credits
    Provides an introduction to computer software packages used in business related applications. Focus will be placed on the development of skills using Windows, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation applications, the World Wide Web, and other common application packages