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College Catalog

Official Keystone College Catalog

Our academic college catalog is a comprehensive resource designed to help you prepare for your time at Keystone College.  In it, you’ll find descriptions of degree programs and courses. In addition to degree information, you learn about academic policies, tuition and fees, consumer rights, and other helpful information.

Information contained in the academic catalog is reviewed and evaluated annually prior to publication, to ensure accuracy.

How to search PDFs

To easily search PDF documents, press CTRL+F and enter the word or phrase you are searching for. 

Course Number Translation

The Course Number Translation list is provided to aid in the evaluation of transcripts.

Beginning with fall 2013, Keystone College changed its course numbers from three digits to four. The College catalogs published prior to 2013 contain course descriptions with the three-digit course numbers.

Download Course Number Translation PDF


Questions regarding the course number changes should be addressed to the Registrar’s Office at 570-945-8224 or via e-mail at registrar@keystone.edu.