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Inclement Weather Schedule

While Keystone College cannot completely close for bad weather when we have resident students living on campus, we can delay or cancel classes and some administrative activities due to inclement weather.

The decision to cancel or delay the start of classes will be made by 6 a.m. and public announcements will follow. If later start times or additional cancellations are necessary, announcements will note the change and be made in a timely manner.

Register for WENS alerts here. (MyKC Login required)

Compressed Schedule

In the event morning classes are delayed due to inclement weather, Keystone College will operate on a compressed class schedule.


Contact Us

Academic Affairs
Phone: 570-945-8316
Email: AcademicAffairs@keystone.edu

Inclement Weather Policy and Messages

In the event of snow or other inclement weather, Keystone College may close the campus for some or all of the day. Closing the campus means that classes will not meet in person. However, even if the campus is closed, classes may still meet remotely. When the College is closed, employees will not be present on campus. 

Classes Impacted by Inclement Weather:  If the College delays opening due to inclement weather and operates on a compressed schedule, classes will begin and offices open at 10 a.m. If the College delays opening later than 10 a.m. or closes due to inclement weather, affected classes are canceled. The Registrar will determine if continued occurrences of inclement weather are impacting the College’s ability to comply with Federal and State regulations with regard to hours of instruction. If such an issue arises, the Registrar will notify the campus community and instruction will continue through future inclement weather delays or closures. Instruction may take place via remote synchronous instruction, asynchronous instruction or a substitute activity as determined by the faculty member. Faculty members are responsible for notifying their students of how instruction will be conducted.

Extended Closure Impact on Classes and Offices: If the College is closed for more than three (3) days, instruction will resume remotely either synchronously or asynchronously as determined by the faculty member. Faculty members are responsible for notifying their students regarding how instruction will resume as soon as possible via email. If the College is closed for more than one (1) day, offices will operate remotely.

Inclement weather may call for one of the following messages:

  1. Due to inclement weather offices closed/all classes canceled.
    2. Due to inclement weather offices closed/day classes canceled. Evening classes begin at 5 p.m.
    3. Due to inclement weather, Keystone College will operate on a compressed schedule. Offices will open at 10 a.m.
    4. Due to inclement weather classes start/offices open at noon. Classes beginning prior to noon are canceled.
    5. Due to inclement weather classes beginning 5 p.m. or later are canceled.
    6. Due to inclement weather offices will close and classes canceled beginning at ***.
    7. Closures impacting instructional time: Due to inclement weather, the College will operate remotely. Students check Moodle for assignments. Employees check email for instructions.
    8. Extended Closure: Due to continued inclement weather, the College will operate remotely. Students check Moodle for assignments. Employees check email for instructions.

Decisions regarding schedule changes made by the campus administration are subject to change based on changing weather conditions. Employees and students are responsible for checking for updates regarding cancellations if weather conditions do not seem to be improving.

Miller Library Inclement Weather Procedures


If face-to-face classes begin late, then the Library will open at the same time offices open and classes begin.


If face-to-face classes are canceled mid-day and offices are closing early, the Library will close also.


In the event that all classes are canceled and offices are closed, the Library will also close unless otherwise communicated.


When classes are not in session and the College closes, the Library will also close.

On non-Weekender weekends – After consulting with the VPAA, Campus Safety, Facilities and Library Staff, the Library Director (or designate) makes the inclement weather decision and notifies Fran Calpin if there are changes in the Library’s published hours. Then, the message is communicated on the website and College Facebook page and the Library’s Facebook page.


Television stations carrying Keystone information include:

  • WNEP-TV (Channel 16)
  • WYOU-TV (Channel 22)
  • WBRE-TV (Channel 28)


The Keystone College phone system will disperse pertinent information within this time frame. Call Keystone phone number, (570) 945-8000, 1-800-824-2764, 1-877-4COLLEGE for information.


The College homepage www.keystone.edu will also post delays, compressed schedule, and/or cancellation information.

Text Messaging

Keystone College has become affiliated with the Wireless Emergency Notification System (WENS), which is available to all students, parents, faculty, and staff. WENS is provided free of charge and will be used principally for events that are deemed to be true emergency situations but will also provide information about weather-related class cancellations or closings.

Register for the WENS by submitting your cell phone number with the convenient online WENS registration form located in MyKC.

Travel and Road Conditions


You should also know that the state Department of Transportation has a Road Condition Hotline, a toll-free number for travel conditions on interstate roads: 1-888-783-6783. This number is available to callers in Pennsylvania and to out-of-state callers whose telephone area codes border Pennsylvania.