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Senior Art Exhibit: Yamile Nieves Santana

Yamile Nieves Santana is a 21-year-old digital media major. She takes pride in her focus on painting. Yamile plans on continuing her career in art as a tattoo artist. She hopes to one day have that as her main job in the future.Art is freedom to me. I feel like I can...

Senior Art Exhibit: Susan Rode

Susan Rode was born in New York to a mother who practices painting and a father who practices metal fabrication. Because her parents always encouraged creativity, she found her love for art at an early age and never looked back. Susan currently resides in Northeast...

Senior Art Exhibit: Alyssa Morris

Alyssa Morris is an artist based in Scranton, Pa. She will receive a bachelor of arts degree in visual arts in 2023, with concentrations in photography, ceramics and sculpture. She has had a hand in the arts for most of her life, drawing inspiration from other artists...

Senior Art Exhibit: Emma Amaral

Emma Amaral is a 22-year-old ceramic artist from Mansfield, Pa. Emma will graduate from Keystone College in May of 2023 with a bachelor of arts degree in visual arts with a concentration in art therapy, ceramics, and sculpture, along with a minor in psychology. She...

Senior Art Exhibit: Kelly Landon

Kelly Landon grew up in central New Jersey and moved to Pennsylvania when she was fourteen years of age. She is now a thirty-one-year-old visual art and digital media major planning to graduate with a bachelor of arts degree this coming spring from Keystone College....

Senior Art Exhibit: Cassandra Clapper

Cassandra Clapper is a twenty-two-year-old artist from New Milford, Pa. She currently attends Keystone College and will graduate with her bachelor of arts degree in visual art with a concentration in painting this spring. Her father was a carpenter and a marine, and...

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