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About Kelly

Kelly Landon grew up in central New Jersey and moved to Pennsylvania when she was fourteen years of age. She is now a thirty-one-year-old visual art and digital media major planning to graduate with a bachelor of arts degree this coming spring from Keystone College. Animals and art have always played a huge role in her life, and a lot of her work is inspired by animals and the world around her. She grew up on farms and spent ten years of her life working with dogs, which is why they both hold a special place in her heart. After years of working with animals, she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a visual artist and she went back to school as an older student. Currently, she resides in Trucksville, Pa. with her fiancé, dog, and three cats.

All of my life, I have known what path I wanted to go down, and it always involved art and animals. I decided after I graduated high school that I would wait a year or so to go to school for art. That year turned into quite a few years, but that’s ok because I learned a lot of life lessons along the way. I got into working with dogs, a passion I didn’t know existed inside of me until I first stepped foot inside one of the kennels. I learned a lot about love, loss, happiness, stress, patience, and above all: loyalty.

My art involves many things, but painting has always been at the top of the list. It took me a while to find that love for painting again, but that’s ok because good things take time. My inspiration comes from dogs, nature, and the world around me. Working with dogs was a huge and impactful part of my life and will forever remain with me. My paintings pay tribute to all the dogs no longer here and one of my greatest mentors in life, who died tragically. I hope to honor her memory because she helped so many dogs and people in her lifetime. I tend to keep things to myself, and this is my way of releasing those feelings to help me heal.

Poster Design

Senior Art Exhibition: “Feminine Gaze”

Get to know Keystone's talented senior visual art students as they prepare for their senior exhibition, "Feminine Gaze." Their dedication and hard work has brought them to this launching point in their careers as professional artists.

They have spent years honing their skills in preparation for their professional debut. The show will feature painting, sculpture, glass, photography, and ceramics.

Location: AFA Art Gallery, Scranton, PA
Exhibit Opening: April 7, 2023
Exhibit on display: April 7-April 29
The gallery’s regular hours are Thursday through Saturday, 12-6 p.m.

Senior Exhibition Artists

Cassandra Clapper
Madison Guzzo
Kelly Landon
Emma Amaral
Alyssa Morris
Susan Rode
Yamile Nieves Santana