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Readmit and go back to Keystone

Get right back where you belong.

Have ‘stopped-out’ or taken a break but want to return to Keystone? As long as you are in good academic, social, and financial standing with the College, you can be readmitted to Keystone and pick up right where you left off.

If you have ‘stopped-out’ for at least two full semesters, excluding summer sessions, contact the Office of Admissions to be readmitted to the College.

Readmit Guidelines

Return within 5 Years

  • Students requesting to return to Keystone and be readmitted within five years of last attendance should download and submit the Readmit Request form (Word Doc) in order to formally request readmission.

Return after more than 5 Years

  • Students requesting to return to Keystone and be readmitted after five or more years of last attendance will need to submit a formal application to the College as a new transfer student.
  • The student’s Keystone College transcript will be reviewed as if he/she were a new transfer student.

Catalog of Record

Students who are readmitted to the College after two or more years of non-attendance will follow the graduation requirements of the catalog year in which they return. See college catalog.


All students desiring to be readmitted who have taken courses at other institutions since their last date of attendance at Keystone should have their official transcripts from the institutions of attendance sent to the Keystone College Office of Admissions. Readmission will not be granted until official transcripts have been received.