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First Generation Keystone Students

Be the first in your family!

Are you first gen? How do you even know? Typically, new college students who have no parents or siblings who have earned a college degree are considered first-generation college students. This is a great opportunity—but it also means you have to figure out how to navigate the college search and admissions process. And you may think you have to do it alone. But you don’t. Keystone College has about 43% first-generation students. This means we know how to help you and your family navigate your way through the college process. Let Keystone help you become the best college student and college graduate you can be!

You are not alone. As a first-generation student at Keystone, you’ll connect with a community that encourages and supports you academically, financially. and socially.

Academic Support

The Library, Learning and Career Center provides academic advising, internships, career preparation, disability services, and more.


Student Central

Student Central, a one-stop center for student services includes financial aid, registering for classes, and billing assistance.

Student life

Whether your interests are social, spiritual, or athletic, there’s always a chance to be introduced to new ideas and new friends.

“I didn’t grow up in the best circumstances, and going to college allows me the chance to make a difference.”
Shawn Smith, First Generation Student


Tuition and Aid

Explore your options for scholarships and financial aid.

Over 50 Majors

We’ve got you covered with over 50-degree options.

Tuition Cost Calculator

Estimate the cost of your tuition and your financial aid options at Keystone College.


Tuition Reset Info

Keystone reset tuition prices beginning in the 2020-2021 academic year. Find out how this can affect you.

What does that mean?

See our definitions of commonly used terms.

Admissions Counselor

Admissions Counselors work with all prospective students throughout the entire pre-enrollment process; from the moment they inquire about Keystone College until classes begin. They will help with application procedures, financial aid, and new student orientation.


A student who lives at home, typically with their parents, and comes to campus on a regular basis for classes.

Credit Hours

The time associated with the amount of work in a class. Each credit hour includes at least 50 minutes of classroom time plus two hours of out of class work. For example, a typical course is worth 3 credit hours. This means a student would be in class for three 50-minutes sessions or the equivalent, plus would have about 6 hours of required study/homework time to complete the work of that course.


The amount required to be paid by a student to secure their spot in the class of students coming to a college, and, if applicable, a bed in the residence halls.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a requirement of the United States Department of Education used to determine most types of financial aid. The form requires both student and parent income unless the student is independent. Keystone College uses only this form and does not require any other financial aid applications. Note: The Pennsylvania State Grant may be applied for at the end of the FAFSA.

Full-time Student

An undergraduate student who is registered for no less than 12 credit hours each semester. Note: Billing terms and financial aid change for part-time students.

Graduate Student

A student who is pursuing a Graduate degree, typically a Master’s or Doctorate degree.

Hybrid Class

A course that is a combination of in classroom time and online (internet) work.


The process of meeting and interacting with individuals. Typically networking is done with those who are involved in a students classes, extracurricular activities, or potential careers.

Online Class

A course that is offered exclusively via the internet.


The Office of the Registrar is your resource for commonly used forms, course registration and schedules, academic policies, grades, transcript requests, enrollment verifications, and graduation eligibility confirmation.

Resident Student

A student who lives in the residence halls on campus during the school year.

Student Central

The office at Keystone College that includes the financial aid, billing, scholarship, and registrar functions. It is designed to provide one place for students and parents to get answers to all their administrative-type questions answered.

Test Optional

Keystone College does not require standardized test scores (SAT or ACT) to be submitted. If you choose to submit your scores, they will not hurt your admission decision and may help you earn additional scholarship money, but they are not necessary.

Undergraduate Student

A student who is pursuing a Bachelor’s or Associate degree for the first time. The student may be a recent high school graduate or an older adult.


The process in which the U.S. Department of Education may randomly select students and require the school to check all financial information on the FAFSA. If verification is not completed, the student will not be eligible for aid.

Contact Us

Office of Admissions
570-945-8111 or
Location: Sabiston Hall
Meet Your Admissions Counselor

Important Codes: SAT code: 2351 ACT code: 3602 | FAFSA: 003280

Your success is our promise.

When you choose Keystone College, you’re choosing to join a close-knit community of students, faculty and staff who want you to succeed and are willing to see to it that you do, starting with the college admissions process.

Our Stairs to Success program begins with steps to take during the college admissions and guides you through your four-years at Keystone to ensure you graduate on time and are well on your way to the exciting career of your dreams. Come for a visit and see for yourself what makes Keystone College so unique.