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Faculty Resources

Presentations and Workshops

Need to cancel a class? Schedule a career presentation or workshop instead!

  • Giving your students a resume, cover letter, or portfolio assignment? Use Career Development as a resource for in-class or out-of-class help.
  • Working out the details of an internship? Let us help identify an opportunity and/or coordinate the paperwork.
  • Students looking for a job or a job fair? Send them to us or to the our Job and Internship Alerts page.

Career Development Overview

The success of our students is a top priority, and Career Development has a host of programs and resources aimed at helping students transition to the workforce and/or to continue their education following their graduation from Keystone College. Below is a full list of services and resources.

Keystone Promise

Career Exploration

Resume/Curriculum Vitae & Cover Letter Writing

  • The Vault Program contains resume and cover letter samples, in addition to industry guidebooks, a job search feature, and much more!
  • Guide sheets and samples are also provided by Career Development
  • Career Development reviews and critiques students’ resume/CV and cover letter drafts

 Portfolio Development

  • Students have the option to build an online portfolio on the College Central Network
  • Guide sheets and samples are also provided in the office
  • Career Development reviews and critiques students’ online and hard copy portfolios

Interview Preparation

  • Career Development provides mock interviews, which can be tailored to a student’s career field, or to prepare for an upcoming interview for a specific position
  • Career Development ensures that students are aware of interview etiquette and professional dress

Job/Internship Searches

  • All professional job and internship openings received by Career Development are posted on the Career Development Facebook and Twitter feeds.
  • Career Development provides support with job/internship search

Transfer/Graduate Program Searches

  • Career Development provides transfer/graduate program search assistance and GRE and other testing preparation tips
  • Career Development hosts an annual Graduate School Fair