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Keystone Promise Requirements

Associate and baccalaureate degree students must complete all career-related requirements listed below. in order to fulfill the Keystone College Promise. Sequences are recommended, but students may complete the Promise requirements at any time prior to graduation.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Successful completion of the Keystone Promise requirements.
  • Graduation from Keystone College.
  • Students must wait until at least six months after graduating and during that time actively seek employment and/or college admission.

Additional Support (remediation)

If followed and completed, the Keystone Promise requirements are designed to prepare a student to be successful in the market post-graduation. However, in the event an offer does not occur within six months of graduating, the student is eligible to receive a personalized career development plan that may include up to 12 additional credits of free coursework.

Keystone Promise Requirements (completed prior to graduation):

______ Create a Handshake account and be sure to update it often.
______ Complete the FOCUS Career Assessment and connect results to long-term goals.
______ Create a resume and have it reviewed and saved in Handshake.
______ Write a cover letter and have it reviewed and saved in Handshake.
______ Identify three professional references and save them in Handshake.
______ Attend a Career Fair or Graduate School Fair.
______ Complete experiential learning, internship, service learning, or shadowing opportunities.
______ Create a LinkedIn profile, connect to the College’s LinkedIn, and assess your digital brand.
______ Participate in a mock interview or an interviewing workshop.
______ Update your resume and cover letter in Handshake for a final review.

**Remember, it is highly recommended that students regularly repeat the Keystone Promise requirements.


After Graduation

Within six months of graduation, please notify Career Development if you have received a job offer or have been accepted into a transfer or graduate program so that we can celebrate your ongoing success!