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Connect & Network

Expand your network and advance your career. Networking is a vital skill for career success. It is a fact that sometimes who you know helps get you the job. The more people you know in your field the better chance you will have of finding a job after graduation. Here are some ways that Career Development can help you connect and network with employers and successful Keystone alumni.

Connect and Network with Alumni Mentors

Connect with successful Keystone alumni in a variety of career fields through our Mentoring Network. Our Mentors can advise and support you in your professional development by providing:

  • Career/graduate school advice
  • Resume Reviews
  • Practice Interviews
  • Job Shadowing and Internship opportunities

To sign-up, register through the Online Job Board and fill out a career mentoring profile.

Connect with Employers On-Campus

During the academic year, recruiters from state and federal government agencies and local companies visit Keystone College looking for qualified candidates for entry-level jobs and internships. Please check the campus calendar and read KC Morning E-Notes for on-campus recruiting information.

You will need a Career Development approved resume to attend on-campus recruitment events. Be sure to plan ahead and make an appointment to meet with us.

Connect with Employers Off-Campus

Keystone College is a proud member institution of the Northeast Pennsylvania Employment Consortium (NPEC). Through strategic collaboration with northeast Pennsylvania businesses, the consortium offers insider company information, networking opportunities and an annual employment fair held exclusively for students and alumni of the six colleges and universities comprised in the consortium.