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Biological and Physical Sciences

Undergraduate Science Degrees

Allied Health Programs:
--Pre–Medical Technology, AS

--Allied Health: Pre–Nursing, AS
--Allied Health: Pre–Occupational Therapy/Pre-Respiratory Care, AS
--Allied Health: Pre–Radiotherapy/Pre-Medical Imaging/Ultrasound, AS
Chemistry, BS
Chemistry Minor
Environmental Biology, BS
Environmental Science, BS
Environmental Science Minor
Environmental Studies, AA
Forensic Biology, BS
Forensic Biology Minor
General Biology, BS
General Biology Minor
Mathematics Minor
Microbiology, BS
Physical Therapy, BS
Pre–Chiropractic, BS
Pre–Med, BS
Pre–Optometry, BS
Pre–Pharmacy, BS
Pre–Physician Assistant, BS
Pre–Veterinarian, BS
Public Health, BS
Public Health Minor
Wildlife Biology, AA | BS

Our Biological and Physical Science Faculty

Cook, Robert D., PhD, PG

Cook, Robert D., PhD, PG

Professor of Physical Science   
Faux, Jessica, PhD

Faux, Jessica, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biology
Lawrence, Paul, PhD

Lawrence, Paul, PhD

Assistant Professor of Chemistry  
Selig, Michael J., PhD

Selig, Michael J., PhD

Assistant Professor and Program Director of Pre-Professional Studies
Stanavitch, Vicki A., PhD

Stanavitch, Vicki A., PhD

Associate Professor of Public Health and Chair of Biological and Physical Sciences and Mathematics