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Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence Is the Future. Make it Yours.

Why choose Computer Science at Keystone?


Growing Career

The job outlook for software developers for 2016-2026 is growing at 24% (much faster than average) 

Competitive Salary

The 2017 median pay for software developers is $103,560/year. Locally, the annual mean wage for graduates is $82,110.

Positive Job Outlook

U.S. News & World Report lists Software Developer as #1 in their best technology jobs of 2019 rankings. 

Prepare for a constantly evolving field and obtain the skills you need to stand out in the technology workforce.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science offers a strong foundation in computer science and opportunities for specialization in cutting-edge topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing.

Computer science incorporates the theory and practice of problem-solving. It is perfect for those who love to figure out complex problems and find solutions, whether it is writing computer code or training deep learning nets.

Computer scientists not only develop software, but they also use many tools at their disposal to search for the most efficient and elegant solution to problems. These solutions may utilize a complex/sophisticated algorithm, supervised/unsupervised neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, or diagram.

The primary concentration for this program is in artificial intelligence. Students will develop skills in today’s most relevant area of computing – machines that mimic cognitive functions, such as learning, problem-solving, pattern recognition, and language understanding. Additionally, students will work with machine learning algorithms and datasets to train computers to analyze data and make predictions about the world.

College Catalog

See the official college catalog for all course descriptions and degree requirements.

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Hands on Experience

Study Abroad

You can explore your academic goals in an international setting and global environment. The experience of living in a new country will build your self-confidence, add valuable skills to your tool box, and will alter how you view yourself, the world, and your own country.

Internships and Field Experiences

Not all education happens in the classroom. Internships and other field experiences give students the opportunity to learn through direct hands-on experiences outside of the classroom with a real world experience in the field.

Undergraduate Research

The process of research and discovery while working with a faculty mentor enriches the learning process and creates positive attributes which will last a lifetime. Undergraduate research encompasses both traditional research and creative endeavors.

Computer Science Faculty Profiles

Nardelli, Robert, PhD

Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Computer Science and Information Technology