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Article IX – Student Smoking/Tobacco Use Policy

Keystone College is committed to a healthful environment for all members of its community. One concern of the College is that of health hazards caused by use of tobacco products, as well as exposure to secondhand smoke. Keystone College supports the Pennsylvania Clean Indoor Air Act of 1988 in its attempt “to protect the public health and to provide for the comfort of all parties by regulating and controlling smoking.” Therefore, Keystone College has created a smoking policy to help create the healthy environment it desires.

  1. There will be no tobacco use in any Keystone College facility at any time.
  2. There will be no tobacco use in any Keystone College’s owned-vehicle at any time.
  3. The sale of tobacco products on campus is prohibited.
  4. Smoking or the use of tobacco products on College grounds will be prohibited, except in areas marked “Designated Smoking Area.”
  5. There will be no electronic cigarette use in any Keystone College facility at any time.

DEFINITION OF SMOKING / TOBACCO USE: Smoking includes the burning of any type of cigar, cigarette, pipe, electronic cigarette or any other smoking equipment, whether filled with tobacco or any other material. Smokeless/Chewing tobacco is also included in this list.  Designated smoking areas have been identified, and are clearly marked for tobacco use. Keystone College’s Smoking Policy will be included in the Employee and Student Handbooks.

  1. All new employees will be verbally informed of Keystone College’s smoking policy by the Director of Human Resources.
  2. Keystone College’s Campus Safety officers will be in charge of issuing fines for violations of the College’s Smoking Policy; however, supervisors, or other members of the College Community, may report violations to Campus Safety.
  3. A fine of $50 will be issued for each violation of Keystone College’s Smoking Policy.

Visitors: Visitors are expected to comply with Keystone College’s Smoking Policy.

Each student host is responsible for telling their visitors about the smoking policy and making sure their visitors abide by the policy. Violations of the policy by guests are also subject to the $50 fine.