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Prior Learning Credits

Save time and money. Earn credit from work and life experience.

Adult students can receive prior learning credits for the knowledge they have already gained before enrolling at Keystone College. The College believes that learning acquired outside of the classroom is valuable and may be eligible for college credit.

College Level Examination Program

College Level Examination Program exams are standardized tests that cover material usually taught in introductory college courses which may have been obtained through prior job experiences, workshops, classes and/or volunteer experiences instead. By passing a CLEP exam, students can earn 3 or more college credits.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Prior Learning Assessment allows students to earn credit toward degree completion by demonstrating relevant college-level knowledge gained through prior work and life experiences. PLA is only available to accepted, degree seeing students.

Student learning is documented in a portfolio and assessed to ensure that it meets course outcomes.

  1. Student should download and submit the Intent to Pursue PLA credit form to the Program Coordinator.
  2. The appropriate Program Coordinator will identify the appropriate Faculty Evaluator for the courses requested.
  3. Interested students should meet with the Faculty Evaluator to review the requirements of the PLA desired.
  4. The Faculty Evaluator works with the student to prepare the assessment materials necessary to complete the competency alignment.
  5. The Faculty Evaluator reviews the materials and submits a grade for the student.
  6. Student submits the complete form to the Registrar’s Office for course registration and appropriate billing.

The PLA process must be completed within 45 days from the date the Request for PLA Credit form is submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Credit for Military Experience

Keystone College awards credit toward a degree based on military training and coursework and evaluates students’ military experience for transfer credits.