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Digital Media (minor)

A digital media minor consists of a minimum of 18 credits and requires one 1000-level course and two 3000- and/or 4000-level courses. The remainder may be chosen from current discipline course offerings at any level and are determined by the student and academic advisor.

Digital Media Minor Course Options

The digital media minor does have specific course requirements as listed below:

  • COMM 1120 – Mass Communication or FILM 1110 – Introduction to Film
  • JOUR 3110 – Broadcast Writing or ENGL 3010 – Special Topics in Creative Writing: Screenwriting or ENGL 3011 – Special Topics in Creative Writing: Playwriting

Four electives to be chosen from the following list:

  • COMM 2155 Introduction to Radio Production
  • COMM 2160 – Digital Media Production
  • COMM 3013 – Special Topics in Communication: Directing the Digital Film
  • COMM 3014 – Special Topics in Communication: Producing the Digital Film
  • COMM 3015 – Special Topics in Communication: Advanced Digital Media Production
  • COMM 3017 – Special Topics in Communication: Advanced Video Production
  • COMM 3022 – Special Topics in Communication: Electronic Publishing
  • COMM 3023 – Special Topics in Communication: Web Design for Multimedia
  • COMM 3125 – Advanced Audio Production
  • *FILM 3005 – Special Topics in Film

*Students may use only one (1) FILM 3005 topic to satisfy the minor requirement.

Students may not minor in their major field of study and must declare their minors prior to registering for GRAD 2110 (graduation). Consult the program coordinator to determine if additional minors are available. The College does not guarantee the availability of all courses necessary for all minor options.

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