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Digital Media, B.A.

Become the digital media expert that employers desperately want: A creative professional with the skills to use cutting-edge technology, and with the artistry to craft stunning visuals for print, film and television, the web, and other media.

Digital Media B.A. Degree

The bachelor of arts degree in Digital Media provides students with the technical skills and knowledge to succeed as a creative professional today, from using industry-standard software and professional equipment, to writing the code for websites and other apps. But the Digital Media program does much more than that—it also helps students develop their artistic eye, so the projects they design are not only functional, but attractive, expressive, and compelling.

Students in the Digital Media program take courses in the following subjects:

  • graphic design
  • web design
  • digital illustration
  • digital photography
  • video production
  • radio and podcasting
  • studio lighting

Other courses focus on mass communication, professional practices, design history, and the traditional skills of drawing, composition, and color. Students also complete an internship with a design firm or other employer and a Capstone Media Project in an area of their choosing.

The Digital Media curriculum also allows students to pursue a minor or to choose elective courses to tailor their education to a specific interest. Recommended minors include Business, Communications, Information Technology, and Marketing. Elective courses include 3-D CAD/Printing, Broadcast Writing, e-Marketing, and Web Programming, among many others.

Blue Grad Cap

94% Success Rate

94% of bachelor’s degree students reported successful outcomes within six months of graduation.

Your Future in Digital Media

A sampling of professions and median salaries for graduates in digital media:

Median pay, $89,820 per year
Job outlook, 2016-26: 5%

Median pay, $58,210 per year
Job outlook, 2016-26: 13%

Median pay, $56,340 per year
Job outlook, 2016-26: 6%

Median pay, $70,530 per year
Job outlook, 2016-26: 8%

Median pay, $48,700 per year
Job outlook, 2016-26: 4%

Median pay, $67,990 per year
Job outlook, 2016-26: 15%

Median Salary Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2018-19 Edition, https://www.bls.gov/ooh/. Job outlook of about 5-8% is considered average.

Web & App Design

College Catalog

View catalog or download catalog (PDF) for all course descriptions and degree requirements.


Expand your portfolio and resume by completing a digital media minor.

Successful Keystonian

keystone graphic design major wins two ADDY awards

Lindsey Lockwood '19

Artist and graphic designer Lindsey Lockwood was the recipient of the prestigious Gold Student ADDY Award and a Mosaic ADDY Award.

“The faculty at Keystone is fantastic. They encourage you to set high goals for yourself and to be as creative as you possibly can. “

Real World Experience

Capstone Media Project

Your senior year presents the opportunity to enhance your portfolio with an original project using digital media. Whether it’s a fully functional website with graphics, photos, and videos you create, a marketing campaign for print, television, and the web, or something entirely different, your Capstone Media Project will be the showcase of your work at Keystone.


Undergraduate Research provides the opportunity for students to work with a faculty mentor on a project of mutual interest. The process of creation and discovery that results from such collaboration enriches the learning process and can offer an educational experience to last a lifetime.


Internships give students the chance to learn by working in a professional setting. First, you’ll take a course in professional practices, which introduces you to the world of design and digital media. Then, you’ll secure an internship with a local design firm or equivalent employer—an internship that could open doors to a rewarding future!

Jackie Caldiero

Jaclynn “Jackie” Caldiero | Class of 2020

During her internship, Class of 2020 graduate Jackie Caldiero worked with Milnes Engineering, Construction & Survey, to capture construction photography documentation and progress photography. Her interest in landscape photography let her showcase her skills in the niche area of construction photography, which will give her an upper hand when entering the workforce.

Faculty Profiles

Gomez, Drake, MFA

Gomez, Drake, MFA

Professor of Art  
Roe, Ward, MFA

Roe, Ward, MFA

Professor of Art  

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