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Digital Media, B.A.

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Digital Media Degree

Become the digital media expert that employers desperately want: A creative professional with the skills to use cutting-edge technology and the artistry to craft stunning visuals for print, film and television, the web, and other media.

Why Study Digital Media?

Connect one-on-one with faculty, fellow students, and other professionals through classroom instruction, hands-on learning, and internships:

  • Gain technical skills and knowledge to succeed as a creative professional today, from using industry-standard software and professional equipment, to writing the code for websites and other apps.
  • Develop an artistic eye, so the projects you design are not only functional, but attractive, expressive, and compelling.
  • Work with a faculty mentor on a project of mutual interest. The process of creation and discovery that results from such collaboration enriches the learning process and can offer an educational experience to last a lifetime.

What can I do with a degree in Digital Media?


  • Adventure Games
  • The Country Club of Scranton
  • Ideaworks Marketing
  • Niki Jones Agency
  • Penn Creative
  • Sargent Art Supplies
  • Under Armour

Career Options

  • Art Director
  • Film Editor
  • Media and Communications
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer


Tony DelRegno
Program Director

Program Goals

  • Competently demonstrate skills and techniques used with a variety of digital media tools or platforms and apply them with aesthetic awareness and sensitivity.
  • Produce visual, audio-visual, or related digital creations integrating content, form, and function in ways that are effective and that communicate clearly.
  • Apply media industry standards and guidelines for ethical, legal, and social responsibility.
  • Describe the history of design and current design trends.
  • Demonstrate entry-level proficiency to function as a professional in a specific digital media field or discipline.

Exceptional experiences.
Giant outcomes.


Keystone student-to-faculty ratio


increase in jobs over the next 10 years


Median annual salary for digital media careers

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Successful Giants

Amanda Kuhn

Christian English '14

Graphic Designer with Under Armour
“Keystone helped me grow as a person and a student. I always felt like I really belonged.”
Learn more more about Christian

Dylan Lake

Dylan Lake '21

Marketing Coordinator for The Country Club of Scranton
“Keystone helped me become the person I needed to be to be successful in the professional world.”
Read more about Dylan.

Amazing opportunities—on campus and beyond

From internships and experiential learning opportunities to travel and conferences, you’ll have many opportunities to conduct real-world experiences, work with your peers and mentors in your chosen field, and learn first-hand the latest skills to succeed in the real world.

Pathways to Success

You will develop the specific skills needed in web design, graphic design, digital photography, and audio and video production.  At Keystone, you will develop an individual relationship with your instructors who are committed to helping you get the most out of your college experience.

Capstone Media Project

Your senior year presents the opportunity to enhance your portfolio with an original project using digital media. Whether it’s a fully functional website with graphics, photos, and videos you create, a marketing campaign for print, television, and the web, or something entirely different, your Capstone Media Project will be the showcase of your work at Keystone.

Digitral Media Student In Lab


Internships give students the chance to learn by working in a professional setting. First, you’ll take a course in professional practices, which introduces you to the world of design and digital media. Then, you’ll secure an internship with a local design firm or equivalent employer—an internship that could open doors to a rewarding future!

Be Involved

When you become a Giant, you will enjoy campus life in many different ways with 18 Division III sports, a variety of student events, 276 acres to explore, and various ways to learn both inside and outside of the classroom.

Digital Media students learn about printing process

At Keystone, students gain valuable experience and knowledge both in and outside of the classroom! Students in Assistant Professor Rachel Urbanowicz’s graphic design fundamentals class recently visited @PDQ Print & Fulfillment to see first-hand the printing process.

The site visit allowed students to get a better understanding what happens when their print designs are sent to a printer, including how to prepare jobs, deal with color modes, and set up bleeds and crop marks correctly. They also had a great conversation with David Price, co-owner of PDQ.

Featured Faculty

Anthony DelRegno

Anthony DelRegno

Assistant Professor of Communications and Digital Media
Drake Gomez

Drake Gomez

Professor of Art and Digital Media
Ward Roe

Ward Roe

Professor of Art  
Rachel Urbanowicz

Rachel Urbanowicz

Chair of Communications, Art, and Humanities Department

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