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Celebrating 150 Years

Keystone College 150th Gala Presentation

Legends and Legacy: 150 Years of Keystone College, a film by Carl Shinko & Devin Horner, was presented at the Keystone College 150th Anniversary Gala on May 16, 2019.

Celebrating Our Proud History

Founded in 1868

Founded in 1868, Keystone Academy began offering instruction the following year in the local Baptist church in Factoryville. The Academy moved to the newly completed Harris Hall in 1870. At the time it was chartered, the Academy was the only high school between Binghamton, N.Y., and for over 65 years served the secondary educational needs of the community admirably. In 1934, the Academy was rechartered as an independent junior college. The College received formal approval to offer baccalaureate degree programs in 1998 and in 2013 expanded its academic offerings to include master’s degrees.

Photo Archives

Review our collection of photographs, documents, and other memorabilia highlighting the history of Keystone.

A digital collection from Miller Library.

President Hollinshead
Academy Play
Harris Hall

150 Keystonians

As we celebrate our sesquicentennial, we are recognizing our outstanding alumni, faculty, administration, staff and community members for their support and contributions to Keystone College.

Mr. Glenn Adams*

Mr. Albert G. Albert*

Dr. Marie Andreoli

Mr. John and Mrs. Pat Atkins

Mrs. Joyce Avila

Mr. Harvey H. Bailey*

Mr. S.J. Bailey 1898*

Dr. Walter and Mrs. Marilyn Barbe

The Belin Family
Mrs. Constance Belin
Mr. Dorrance and Mrs. Susan Belin
Mrs. Mary B. Rhodes

Mr. William H. Bender ’13

Dr. Edward G. ’13H and Mrs. Regina Boehm ’13H

Mr. Robert Booth ’09

Dr. Amanda Bradley

Mr. Jeffrey Brauer

Dr. Tracy Brundage

Mr. Austin Burke, Jr. ’70

The Cadman Family
Mr. Donald Cadman ’77
Mr. Jon Cadman ’81

Ms. Maggie Calpin ’09

Dr. Jack C. Cassell

Mrs. Margaretta Belin Chamberlin* and the Chamberlin Family
Mr. Will Chamberlin Jr. and Ms. Kathryn Lesoine ’72
Ms. Alice Chamberlin
Mr. Morris and Mrs. Margery Chamberlin ’63 Edmundson
Mrs. Kathleen Graff

Mr. Philip Condron

Mrs. Susan Constantine

Dr. David and Mrs. Delia Coppola

Mr. Jonathan Lees Davis ’80

The Davis Family
Mr. Thomas ’52* and Mrs. Charlotte ’53 Davis
Mr. James B. Davis ’79 and Ms. Michelle Schubert
Mr. Darren and Mrs. Lisa Davis ’85 Maria
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Beth O’Malley

Mrs. Carol Davis

Dr. Jack Donis ’37*

Mrs. Mary Dower

Mr. Tom Dower ’94

Mr. Joseph Dox ’68

Mr. John* and Mrs. Elizabeth* Drinko

Mr. Keith Eckel

Mr. William Evanina ’87

Mrs. Arline Evans ’44*

The Honorable Gary Evans ’74

Mrs. Maria Fanning

Mrs. Melany Fedor

Mr. William ’47* and Mrs. Jeanne ’43* Fleckenstein

Ms. Mari Flynn

Mrs. Carol Fontana

The Fornicola  Family
Mrs. Bernadette Fornicola ’76
Mr. Larry Fornicola, Sr.*

Mr. Donald T. Foster ’40*

Mr. James Frear*

Ms. Carol Fregly ’66

Mr. Peter and Mrs. Laura Frieder

Mr. Sergius Gambal ’47*

Mr. Walter Gantz ’47

Mr. George ’56 and Mrs. Eleanor Ginader

Mr. Jorge Gorritz

Dr. David Gray ’50*

Mrs. Alberta Grushinski ’03

Mrs. Nicole Barrasse ’08 Guzenski

Dr. Dana Harris

Dr. John Howard Harris*

Mr. Elmer R. Hawk ’48* and Family
Mrs. Louise Hawk
Mr. David and Mrs. Ann Hawk

Mr. John Hibbard*

Mr. Byron Hollinshead*

Mr. George Holly*

Dr. Steven Howell

Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson*

Mrs. Joan Irion Jenkins

Mr. Michael Jones ’74

Mr. Ryan Patrick Joyce ’04

Mr. Robert Kagler ’57

Mr. Robert Karuzie

Mrs. June Kawamura ’44*

Mr. Charles Kennedy*

Mr. David Kirtland ’67

Mr. Gary Koerner ’62

Mr. Richard T. Krebs ’96

Mr. William ’51* and Mrs. Doris Lees

Mr. Sam Lilly*

Mrs. Patricia Lione

Miss Lindsey Lockwood ’19

Mrs. Dorothy Dewitt Mackie ’52

The Honorable Sandra Major ’74

Mr. Christy Mathewson 1898*

Mr. Charles McGill ’84*

Mr. James McLaughlin

Dr. Nancy Merryman

Dr. Lloyd ’62 and Dr. Barbara Smith ’62 Michael

Mrs. Shirley Michaels

Ms. Kate Micucci ’01

Mrs. Gretchen Zeidler ’51 Miller

Mr. Hal Miller ’57

Dr. Harry K. Miller  ’62H*

Mr. James Mirabelli ’05

Mr. Dennis Mishko

Mrs. Sandra Montrone ’61

Dr. Robert Mooney, Jr.*

Ms. Mary Morasky

Dr. Gino Mori ’51

Mr. John S. Morrison ’67

Mr. I. Leo* and Mrs. Ann* Moskovitz

Mr. Wilbur Myers*

Mr. Edward Nowakowski

Mrs. Jane E. Oppenheim

Mrs. Kate Owens

Mrs. Diane C. Paparo ’76

Mr. Robert Pettinato ’58

Ms. Margaret Philbin*

Mr. Charles Prothero, IV

Mr. John F. Pullo ’69

Mrs. Elizabeth Ratchford

Ms. Gail Rees ’72

Mrs. Letha Reinheimer

Mr. Stuart Renda

Mr. Charles Reynolds*

The Ross Family
Mr.  Adrian Ross*
Mr. James Ross ’57

Mr. Nicholas C. Scandale Jr. ’48*

Mrs. Leslie Schildt ’99

Mr. William Seamans ’38*

Mr. Thomas See ’91

Mrs. Carol Sherwood ’61

Mr. Jamie Shevchik ’07

Mrs. Brianne O’Farrell ’99 Smith

Mr. Thomas Speicher ’72

Mrs. Suzanne Fisher ’65 Staples

The Stevens Family
Mr. Curtis N. Stevens ’64*
Mr. Phillip Stevens ’62

Mr. J. Michael Strong ’64

Mr. Robert H. Swartley ’75

Mr. Lucas Taylor ’11

Dr. Blake Tewksbury*

Mr. David and Mrs. Joyce Tressler

The Turock Family
Dr. Betty J. Noone ’53 Turock
Mr. David L. Turock ’77
Mr. Frank Turock ’52*

Mr. Jeffrey Tylutki

Mrs. Mary C. Van Nort ’36*

Mr. David Vipond*

Mr. Arthur Wall, Jr. ’43*

Mr. Mike “Red” Wallace ’39*

Dr. Patricia Kinney Welch ’12

Ms. Sara White

Dr. Louis Wilcox, Jr.*

Mrs. Sally Williams

Ms. Midori Yamanouchi

Mrs. Lisa Hall Zielinski ’02

The Art Founders

Mr. Karl O. Neuroth

Mr. Clifton Prekop

Mr. William Tersteg

The Chamberlin Chairs

Mrs. Anita S. Appleton ’90H

Dr. Ada Belton*

Mr. Abram Bernstein ’43*

Mrs. Karen Blomain*

Mr. Michael Caracappa*

Mr. Robert Cormier*

Mr. Thomas G. Cupillari ’60

Dr. Patricia Davis ’80

Mrs. Janet Lembo ’69 DeAndrea

Dr. David Elliott

Mr. Edward Gelb

Mrs. Mary Keenan Hart

Ms. Jane Honchell

Mrs. Susan Ide*

Mr. Howard* and Mrs. Susan Jennings

Mr. David Jobson

Ms. Jan Kaskey

Dr. Frances G. Langan

Mrs. Brenda Lidy

Dr. Patricia Bederman Miller

Dr. Michael Mould

Mr. David Porter

Mrs. Charlotte M. Ravaioli

Mr. Ward Roe

Dr. Lan Shaffmaster

Dr. Heather Shanks-McElroy

Dr. Nancy Singer

Dr. Jerry Skinner

Dr. Vicki A. Stanavitch ’92

Dr. Sherry Strain

Dr. C.G. Vlassis

Mrs. Therese Nichols Wise

Mrs. Janet Wrightnour

Mrs. Stacey Wyland

Dr. Karen Yarrish


*Recognized posthumously