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John H. Harris Society

Consecutive giving for ten years or more.

In 1868, Keystone Academy was founded by a group a visionaries who wanted the youth in their community to have access to an education and a promising future.

In order to construct the first building, they scouted the 21 acres of land and selected the highest point, cutting through briars to reach the rocky knoll. For the next two years, members of the community came together to help with the construction and bring the vision into reality, until the building, now known as Harris Hall was completed in 1870.

This society, named after John H. Harris, who was a founder, benefactor and first President of Keystone College appropriately reflects the steadfast commitment and the unwavering loyalty to our mission that our consecutive donors represent. We can never achieve alone, what we can together. The donations that you have made have served as the foundation for the future, and together you have built it brick, by brick.

The steadfast commitment of these donors is remarkable and much appreciated. This Society recognizes individuals and businesses who have given 10 consecutive fiscal years or more.

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Staff Contact List


Mr. Edmund J., Jr. ’68 and Mrs. Mary Alice Golden ’67 Abdo

Mr. Joseph M. Abraham ’84

Mr. Erich ’65 and Mrs. Barbara Allmer

Dr. Marie Cooke Andreoli

Mr. Ramon and Mrs. Joyce M. Avila

Mr. John and Mrs. Nancy Peregrim ’56 Behrmann

Mr. Dorrance R. and Mrs. Susan S. Belin

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carol Gardner ’63 Blakeney

Professor Jeffrey M. Brauer

Mr. Carl D. ’63 and Mrs. Edith F. Brown

Mr. Don R. Cadman ’77

Mr. Anthony F. and Mrs. JoAnn McCall ’66 Casciano

Mr. James T. and Mrs. Karen E. Lindberg ’66 Christopher

Mr. Joseph J. ’66 and Mrs. Sylvia S. Ciocci

Condron Sweda Advertising
               Mr. Philip P. and Mrs. Joelyn K. Condron

Mr. Luke R., Jr. ’77 and Mrs. Dona M. Cunningham

Mr. Thomas G. ’60 and Mrs. Sandra J. Williams ’61 Cupillari

Ms. Flora M. Cupple ’44

Mrs. Charlotte Moser Davis ’53

Mr. James B. Davis ’79

Dr. James W. Deming ’75

Mr. Frank J., Jr. and Mrs. Dianne G. Hepford ’68 Dilger

Mr. Tom R. ’94 and Mrs. Erin Dower

Rev. Linda K. Eckersley ’82

Mr. Morris F. and Mrs. Margery Chamberlin ’63 Edmundson

Dr. David L. and Mrs. Carolyn Elliott

Mr. John R. ’69 and Mrs. Rosanne Ellis

Mr. George J. Essif, Jr. ’68

Mr. Clement A., Jr. ’64 and Mrs. Susan E. Gaynor

Mr. Mariano M. Genovese ’54

Mr. George W. ’56 and Mrs. Eleanore Ginader

Mr. Mark C. ’02 and Mrs. Kerri L. ’20 Gowarty

Mrs. Kathleen Chamberlin Graff

Mr. Thomas J. ’68 and Mrs. Eileen Tedesco ’67 Griffiths

Mr. Kal D. ’73 and Mrs. Constance A. Hadden

Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Adrienne J. Hamm*

Ms. Nancy C. Merritt Hayward ’60

Mr. Ross R. ’60 and Mrs. Marina Hibbert*

Mr. Kirby K. ’65 and Mrs. Rebecca Hickey

Mr. Richard B. Hoagland ’69

Ms. Carol Evans James ’60

Mrs. Elaine Gombka Janus ’57

Mr. David C. ’61 and Mrs. Barbara Jehu

Mr. Donald A. ’73 and Mrs. Dawn Jones

Mr. Gerald R., Sr. ’70 and Mrs. Mary Kathryn Dempsey Jones

Mr. John C. Keefe ’71

Mrs. Patricia M. Kennedy

Mr. Neil Kevles ’74

Mr. Thomas P. Kissane ’67

Rev. Gregory A. ’69 and Mrs. Lauralee S. Kramer

Mr. Richard T. Krebs ’96 and Ms. Gretchen Ludders ’72

Mr. Kent D. Kresge ’55

Mr. David A. Lamm ’68

Mr. Gerald T. and Dr. Fran G. Langan

Dr. Nicole Langan*

Mr. James M. ’62 and Mrs. Lenore H. Leonard*

Mrs. Barbara Borchers Lynch ’52

Mr. Charles R. and Mrs. Maria P. MacKay

Dr. John E. ’66 and Mrs. Gerrie Mansuy

Dr. Richard E. Margerum ’67

Mrs. Nancy L. Mauro ’53

Mr. Eugene P. ’70 and Mrs. Sharon M. Maybock

Mr. George F. and Mrs. Theresa Pezanowski ’56 McCarthy

Mr. C. Clair ’66 and Mrs. Margaret McCormick

Mr. James M. ’08 and Dr. Heather A. Shanks-McElroy

Mr. Robert B. ’61 and Mrs. Carolee V. Meglaughlin

Ms. Carol A. Fitzsimmons Melling ’62

Mr. Allan R. Merkel ’71

Dr. Lloyd H. ’62 and Dr. Barbara Ann Smith ’62 Michael

Mr. John M. and Mrs. Dawn E. ’74 Middleton-Paradise

Mrs. Beth C. Miller

Mr. Bruce E. Moore ’75

Mr. John S. Morrison, Jr. ’67

Dr. Michael W. and Mrs. Patricia M. Mould

Mr. Ronald H. ’72 and Mrs. Estie J. Mowry

Mr. Karl O. Neuroth and Mrs. Diane Coleman Paparo ’76

Mr. David S. ’90 and Mrs. Karen Noyle*

Ms. Kathleen Hildabrant Pogue ’66

Ms. Barb L. Pompey

Mrs. Jeanie L. Prall

Mr. Charles L., IV and Mrs. Jennifer Prothero

Mr. Thomas D. ’57 and Mrs. Susanne Davis ’57 Reese

Mr. Kenneth G. and Mrs. Letha Wells Reinheimer

Mr. Stu F. and Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Renda

Mrs. Kathy R. Grego Rogers

Mr. Joseph R. ’68 and Mrs. Karen L. Sadowski

Mr. Gary L. Schmitt ’72

Scranton Area Foundation

Mrs. Tina Seamans

Mr. Leonard H. ’68 and Mrs. Betty Jane Van Artsdalen ’69 Smith

Mrs. Janet L. Stansbury ’55

Dr. Chad M. Stevens*

Swartley Brothers Engineers, Inc.
               Mr. Robert H. ’75 and Mrs. Maureen R. Swartley

Mrs. Priscilla B. Burleigh Sweetland ’55

Rev. Lucas R. Taylor ’11

Mr. Terry P. ’68 and Mrs. Kathy Telep

The Evergreen Charitable Fund

The Wesel Foundation

Ms. Marsha L. Traub

Mr. David L. and Mrs. Joyce E. Tressler

Mr. Ronald G. Van Valen ’70

Ms. Jessica Wasko ’00*

Mr. Paul A. ’71 and Mrs. Catherine M. ’71 Wendolowski

Mr. Joel F. Whitehead ’68

Mr. Wayne C. ’61 and Mrs. Marianne Selige Williams

Mr. Robert J. Wilson ’73

Ms. Helen R. Yeisley

Ms. Rose Marie Yudiskas ’66

Italics = Deceased
* = New Member

“We always want to be a part of Keystone, and Keystone will always be a part of us. This College just means that much to us.” 

Terry and Ken Wise

Associate professor Terry Wise has proudly worn her blue and orange since coming to Keystone’s campus in 1995.