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Evergreen Society

The evergreen tree represents continued life and growth.

The Evergreen Society was founded in 1993 to honor individuals who have made a planned gift to Keystone College. The Evergreen Society provides alumni and friends with an opportunity to leave a legacy through an unrestricted gift to Keystone College, or by supporting worthy programs of special interest. Gifts in the past have helped create educational opportunities for today’s students and future generations of Keystonians.

A working dinner is hosted by the President of the College twice each year as a means of informing, engaging and gathering feedback from two of our leadership groups of donors, the 1868 Society and the Evergreen Society.

Questions about giving?

Contact the Office of Institutional Advancement

Staff Contact List

“Keystone will always be home…if I had to do it all over again, I would go there again in a heartbeat.”

Paula Carlsen ’63

Encourages others to become involved with the planned giving efforts to support the College, just as she has done.

Evergreen Society of Keystone College

  • Anonymous (10)
  • Mr. Marcelo A. ʼ56 and Mrs. Betty L. Alvarez
  • Dr. Marie Cooke Andreoli
  • Ms. Anita S. Appleton ʼ90H*
  • Mr. Lester R. Bahr ʼ89 and Mr. Roger Whitley
  • Mr. Leroy H. Baker, Jr. ʼ43*
  • Mr. Eugene M. Barashes ʼ54
  • Mrs. Jennifer Tulio Barr ʼ79
  • Mr. Harlin and Mrs. Julie Walker ʼ55 Blevins
  • Dr. Edward G., Jr. ʼ13H*  and Mrs. Regina E. ʼ13H Boehm
  • Mr. John A. Bonk ʼ47*
  • Mr. George* and Mrs. Jean Brick
  • Mrs. Dale Paula Carlsen ʼ63
  • Ms. Marilyn R. Costa
  • Mr. Lewis deWitt ʼ49  and Mrs. Betty Vaughn Davis*
  • Mr. Thomas W. ’52* and Mrs. Charlott e M. ’53 Davis
  • Mr. Joseph F. ’36*and Mrs. Ethel H. Decker*
  • Dr. Jack ’37  and Mrs. Beatrice Donis*
  • Ms. Caroline C. Donovan ʼ48*
  • Mr. George W. ʼ56 and Mrs. Eleanore Ginader
  • Mr. Jeffery W. and Mrs. Mary L. Graham*
  • Mr. Donald T. ʼ50*  and Mrs. Mary S. Haman
  • Capt. Edward Hamm, CEC, USN (Ret) ʼ63
  • Mr. Wayne M. and Mrs. Suzanne ʼ65 Harley
  • Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Elizabeth W. ʼ66 Hofmeister
  • Mr. Charles J. ʼ57 and Mrs. Anne S. Hughes
  • Mr. William J. Hyduchak ʼ68*
  • Dr. Michael C. Illuzzi
  • Mrs. Virginia Chambers Illuzzi*
  • Mr. Arthur E. ʼ53 and Mrs. Janet H. ʼ53 Imdorf
  • Mr. Curtis G. ʼ52 and Mrs. Margaret H. James
  • Mr. Robert L. ʼ57 and Mrs. Mary Lu Fries ʼ59 Kagler
  • Mr. Byron Kline ʼ62
  • Mr. Gary Koerner ʼ62
  • Mr. James and Mrs. Eileen Potter Kopelman
  • Mr. Salvatore ʼ83 and Mrs. Marcia LaRusso
  • Mr. Martin I. Markowitz
  • Mr. Robert J. ʼ60 and Mrs. Janet Montague Marlatt ʼ60*
  • Mr. Jack L. Middleton ʼ50*
  • Mrs. Gretchen Zeidler Miller ʼ51
  • Mr. Hal Miller ʼ57
  • Dr. Harry K., ʼ62*  and Mrs. Peggy Miller, Jr.*
  • Ms. Willie P. Miller ʼ57
  • Mr. Paul L. Minnich
  • Mr. James A., CPA, CFP ʼ65 and Mrs. Rosemarie B. Morgart
  • Mr. John S. Morrison, Jr. ʼ67
  • Mr. Peter F., Sr. ʼ65 and Mrs. Maureen Moylan
  • Mr. Wilbur E. Myers*
  • Dr. Susan J. Nathan ʼ65
  • Rev. Frederick W. ’60*  and Mrs. Jane Oleck*
  • Ms. Kathleen H. Pogue ʼ66
  • Mr. Kenneth G. and Mrs. Letha Wells Reinheimer
  • Mr. Peter L. Richard ʼ71
  • Ms. Phyllis A. Russell ʼ67*
  • Mr. John G. Schlager ʼ50*
  • The Honorable William W. and Mrs. Mary L. Scranton*
  • Mr. Todd A. Sloan
  • Mr. Gareth H. Sorrell*
  • Mr. Robert H. Stephens ʼ51*
  • Mr. David L., Sr. * and Mrs. Joyce E. Tressler
  • Mr. A. Wayne and Mrs. Vida Trivelpiece
  • Mr. David S. Vipond*
  • Mr. William D. ʼ66 and Mrs. Barbara Walters
  • Mr. Charles L. Werner ʼ50*
  • Mrs. Ilene G. White
  • Mr. Ralph M. Williams ʼ48*
  • Mr. Ken and Mrs. Therese N. Wise
  • Ms. Helen R. Yeisley
  • Mr. Florian and Mrs. Gene Brislin ZaBach*

* Deceased

Keystone College Advisor
A publication promoting the goals of the Evergreen Society