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I am new to the accommodations process at Keystone College.

The Office of Retention/Student Success provides accommodations in the form of academic accommodations, housing accommodations, and emotional support animal accommodations.

The Office also recognizes that other accommodations exist and may be necessary, such as parking accommodations, meal plan accommodations and more.

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Disability Services is located in the Student Success Center
Second Floor of Hibbard Campus Center



Steps to Receive Accommodations


Step 1: Self-Report Form

Complete the Self-Report Form which allows you to disclose your diagnosis and request accommodations.


Step 2: Documentation

Review the guidelines and submit all required documentation.

Step 3: Make an Appointment

Make an appointment with a member of the Student Success Center to review the Self-Report Form and documentation and to discuss possible accommodations.


Step 4: Receive Accommodation Information

Not all accommodation requests will be approved. You will receive notice regarding your accommodations via your Keystone email.

More Questions

What is a self-report form?

The self-report form is a form that gives you the opportunity to describe your disability and the accommodations you are seeking for your time at Keystone College.

If a student with a disability qualifies for accommodations in high school, will they receive the same accommodations in college?

Not necessarily. A students’ history of accommodations is discussed during steps one through three and is considered when applying accommodations to the academic environment. Colleges are not required to provide accommodations that fundamentally alter the nature of a class or that will pose an undue administrative or financial burden on the institution. In addition, accommodations provided may not be the same as at different post-secondary institutions.

Will the accommodation plan be automatically given to students every semester?

No. Students will be required to complete the Accommodation Questionnaire (students with current accommodations will receive this via email) in order to maintain their accommodations semester after semester. If a student did not receive or complete the questionnaire, they must follow the steps here.

Who is responsible for making sure that accommodations are put into practice?

The student is responsible for carrying out their part in implementing the accommodations, such as communicating with faculty at the beginning of each semester.

What are my rights and responsibilities if I am approved for an ESA?

How do I utilize test proctoring?

In order to use the Proctoring Center, the student and their professor must contact the Student Success Center. Please click here for instructions.

If you have any questions specific to the test proctoring request process, please contact success@keystone.edu.