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Disability Documentation Guidelines

Sources of information used for determining a disability accommodation may include a student’s self-report, as well as direct observation and interaction with the student. Most importantly, students requesting accommodations must submit documentation from qualified evaluators, and/or medical/mental professionals that have direct knowledge of the student’s history of their disability.

Intake Request Form

Students should complete Disability Services’ Intake Request Form which provides an opportunity to describe their disability and the accommodations they are requesting during their time here at Keystone. If the Intake Request Form doesn’t contain a field for you to explain something that we should know, please feel free to email us or discuss it with us at the intake interview.

Documentation from External Sources

Relevant information from external sources can help to substantiate the presence of a disability and the need for accommodations. This information should be current and provide evidence of the functional limitations of the disabilities and their impact on the student’s life. Criteria for the source, scope, and content of documentation differ by disability type. Documentation may include assessments, reports, and/or letters (on official letterhead) from qualified health care providers, psychologists, or diagnosticians, and/or information from a previously attended college (accommodation plan) and/or high school (e.g., 504 plan, IEP, etc.). In order to ensure an objective assessment, the professional completing the evaluation must be an impartial individual who is not related to the student

Suggested Documentation Elements

  1. Letter, typed on letterhead, dated, and signed by a qualified professional
  2. Diagnostic statement with any related diagnostic methodology Examples: diagnostic criteria, procedures, assessment instruments, and/or test scores
  3. Functional limitations or symptoms to help identify which accommodations are appropriate.
  4. Severity and/or expected progression
  5. Any other relevant information and/or additional information regarding the condition
  6. Current and/or past accommodations
  7. Any recommended accommodations

Any documentation related to a disability should be sent directly to Disability Services via email, fax, or mail, either from the student or medical health care provider, although please keep in mind that email is not always a secure method of communication. Should the documentation come directly from a medical/mental health care professional, you are more than welcome to follow up with us to make sure we received it.

Please do not submit medical documentation or information pertaining to the disability to the Admissions Office or your admissions counselor.

Contact Information
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Email: disabilityservices@keystone.edu
Fax: 570-945-8969




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