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Alumni Board President

Elena OConnor Dear Alumni,

I am honored and proud to serve as the President of the Keystone Alumni Association. Like so many of you, Keystone felt like home the moment I walked onto campus back in 2001. We all have stories to tell about our time at Keystone. Whether it’s about the professor who took the time to get to know you and your dreams, or the coach who helped build you into a better version of yourself. Maybe it was a staff member who walked alongside you and your friends, filling the time between classes with laughter and conversation.. Each tale is a thread woven into the fabric of our alma mater and I encourage you to tell your story of how Keystone impacted your life.

On behalf of the Alumni Association, I want to thank all who have supported the College’s efforts over the years. The Alumni Association continues to fund scholarships, student engagement activities, and mini-grants because of your kindness and generosity. The landscape of higher education is changing and presents challenges daily for small, non-profit colleges such as ours. I believe that the support of our alumni can make all of the difference and ensure our survival and relevance in the years to come.

Lastly, I call on our alumni to be engaged, become involved, and stay connected. The Alumni Association hosts events throughout the year, offering networking opportunities, family outings, and social activities where you can catch up with former classmates and current students. Keep an eye on social media and your email inbox to stay up to date. We’d love to catch up!

Be well,

Elena Bush O’Connor ‘04
Keystone Alumni Association