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International Student Checklist

Congratulations on your acceptance into Keystone College as an international student! We are excited to have you become a member of the Keystone family!

Before you can officially enroll, we ask that you complete the following steps to ensure that you are able to receive your F-1 Visa status and that you are fully prepared for your studies.


Step 1. Transcripts

If you have not yet sent your official final high school or college/university transcripts, please request that they are sent as soon as possible.

Step 2. Transfer Form

If you are transferring from another institution in the U.S. to Keystone College, please submit the transfer form to the DSO at your current institution for transfer of your SEVIS record to Keystone College. Please do not request a transfer until you have received your acceptance letter from the Admissions Office at Keystone College.

Step 3. Certification of Finances

Form I-20, or Certification of Finances, is a government form that you are required to complete in order to obtain an F-1 student visa or status, or to keep lawful F-1 status when transferring or changing schools within the U.S.  It certifies that:

  1. You are or expect to be a “bona fide” student.
  2. You meet our admissions requirements.
  3. You will pursue a full course of study.
  4. You proved to us that you have enough money to study and live in the U.S. without working illegally or suffering from poverty.

Submit the International Student Certification of Finances I-20 Form

Please contact the International Student Services for more information.

Step 4. Make your deposit

Submit your enrollment deposit to guarantee your place in the incoming class and in the residence halls. You can pay your deposit online by credit or debit card or by calling +1 (570) 945-8111 or +1-800-824-2764.

Step 5. Additional Coursework

If you have additional coursework that will give you advanced standing, please submit all documents, such as Advanced Placement (AP) Exams, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma/Exams, and GCE and IGCSE A-Level Results, to receive college equivalency credits as an incoming student.

AP Exams:

International Baccalaureate (IB) Exams:

Keystone College reviews and evaluates IB Higher Level courses on an individual basis. A maximum of 32 IB equivalent credits will be accepted toward the Bachelor’s degree. Keystone requires an official IB transcript in order to evaluate credit. Learn More about baccalaureate equivalents

Step 6. Keep in Touch

Keep in touch with your admissions counselor for more information regarding orientation, housing, and traveling to the U.S.  Looking forward to seeing you on campus!

Contact the Office of Admissions at by phone at +1-800-824-2764 or +1 (570) 945-8111, or by email at admissions@keystone.edu.