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Public Administration

Government policies impact people’s lives. Public administrators help guide and implement those policies through government agencies and nonprofits.

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Public Administration Degree

Serve your community.

The Public Administration degree is a versatile program for students drawn to the public sector, including work in local, state, or federal government as well as non-profits. The degree prepares students to transition directly into the labor market or pursue graduate work in Public Administration or Policy.

About the Program

The Public Administration degree prepares students for a variety of career opportunities in the public and non-profit sectors. Students will learn about finance and budgeting, public policy, data analysis, and the fundamentals of and federal, state and local government administration.

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Job growth above the national average for Public Administration officials. 


Median annual salary for Public Administration officials


94% of bachelor’s degree students reported successful outcomes within six months of graduation.

Public Administration

Why study Public Administration at Keystone?

Built with the involvement of academic and industry experts, this program will expose you to government, history, economics, public health, sociology, and more. The best public administration professionals have both deep subject matter expertise and broad exposure to a range of topics including economics and public health. You’ll get your start building both and leave college with a body of work to show prospective employers.

Sponsors, Professors, and Experts

Our Public Administration major was created with the guidance of one of the top Public Administration minds in academia.

Dr. Celeste Greene, Ph.D, MPA is the online program director for graduate Public Administration and Leadership studies at the University of Virginia. She also teaches courses in Public Policy Analysis, Public Administration, Organizational Leadership and Management, and Environmental Policy. Dr. Greene is additionally an expert in distance learning with over 25 years of experience in online education.

Dr. Celeste Greene

University of Virginia

Public Administration Course Descriptions

Public Administration I: Introduction to Public Administration
This course is intended to introduce students to the field of public administration. It will provide an overview of the theories and practices of governmental administration, discuss both traditional and emerging public sector management issues, and explore the role of administrators in the development and implementation of public policy.

Public Administration II: State and Local Government Administration
This course provides students with an understanding of the structure and function of state and local governments in the United States. Students will explore local and state-level policy issues and administrative processes. They will also explore urban issues in the U.S. and discuss solutions to all of these challenges.

Public Administration III: Public Budgeting and Finance
This course covers fiscal and budgetary policies and practices in public sector and governmental organizations. Students will improve their understanding of revenue, expenditure, deficit spending, and debt, specifically as they relate to government. They will also examine the functions of accounting in the public sector and learn to create financial reports.

Public Administration IV: Public Administration Capstone
This capstone is the culmination for Public Administration majors and should be taken as the final course in a student’s studies for the major. It is intended to synthesize all of a student’s learnings in the field into one public-sector focused project. Students will work in groups with a public sector organization, such as a non-profit, or their local government.

College Catalog

View catalog or download catalog (PDF) for all course descriptions and degree requirements.


Supplement your Public Administration degree and expand your resume by completing another minor.

Real World Experience

From internships and experiential learning opportunities to travel and conferences, you’ll have many opportunities to conduct real-world experiences, work with your peers and mentors in your chosen field, and learn first-hand the latest skills to succeed in the real world.

Study Abroad

Explore our study abroad programs and discover a world of opportunities that are sure to be the highlight of your college years.


Working with a faculty mentor conducting research enriches the learning process and creates positive lifelong attributes.

Civic Engagement

Engage in civic-based projects and service-learning experiences and make a positive difference in the greater community.


Internships and field experiences give students the chance to learn through hands-on experiences beyond the classroom.

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