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Jeremy Collins: Keystone Is the Right Fit For Multiple Degrees  

Aug 8, 2023

As an adult student, Jeremy Collins experienced the thrill of a lifetime in 2021 when he walked across the stage to receive his bachelor of science degree in criminal justice. However, the personal satisfaction he felt that day didn’t end with a bachelor’s degree.

Now, Jeremy is in the final stages of completing his master’s degree in criminal justice and he’s very glad he went the extra mile in his educational journey.

“To be honest, I had no intention of getting a master’s degree. “Then, I had a conversation with Stacey Wyland, one of my professors, and she really encouraged me to take the next step,” said Jeremy, who works as director of operations for Vision Quest, a community-based organization which helps young people resolve legal issues outside of the juvenile detention system.

As he completes his master’s degree, Jeremy knows he has the chance to advance his career options but he also shares an even greater purpose.

“I really feel great about what I’ve accomplished not only for me but for my kids, Marcus,  Emily, Alexandra, and Maxwell. I think I can send a message to them that if you set your sights high, and work hard, anything is possible. If I can do it, they can too,” Jeremy said.

Pursuing a master’s degree while holding down a full-time job is challenging. But, Keystone made it easier because the entire curriculum can be taken online. Just like Keystone’s undergraduate programs, faculty members do everything they can to help students achieve their goals.

“The faculty here are great instructors but, I have to say, they are even better people,” Jeremy said. “They are very down to earth and they are always willing to talk to you and help in any way they can. I think if you’re looking to pursue a master’s degree in criminal justice, there is no better place to go than Keystone.”