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Christy Davall: Looking Forward to New Careers After Her Master’s Degree

Aug 7, 2023

Christy Davall

Keystone College graduate Christy Davall readily admits she has enjoyed a long and meaningful career as a 911 dispatch operator in nearby Wyoming County, Pa. In fact, dedication to her profession has helped save numerous lives and given aid and comfort to people when they need it most.

“When something goes wrong and someone seeks emergency assistance, we’re the first voice they hear,” said Christy, who received an associate degree in culinary arts from Keystone in 2007, before earning her bachelor’s in criminal justice from Central State University in 2022. She has been in her emergency response position with Wyoming County since 2008.

But, as satisfied as she has been, Christy knows there are even more meaningful days in store for her. That’s why she made the decision to return to Keystone to pursue her master’s degree in criminal justice before a possible move to South Carolina.

“I’d like to pursue a career in criminal justice, possibly as an investigator in the attorney general’s office there,” she said. “Getting my master’s degree will help me get to where I want to go.”

But Christy has even greater plans.

“Eventually, I’d like to go to law school and become involved with policy making to help make a positive impact on the mental health crisis in corrections facilities and in society in general,” she said.”  “That’s really my longer term goal and  going back for my master’s degree is a great step in that direction.”

While she could have gone to virtually any college or university offering a master’s degree in criminal justice, Christy is really glad she chose to come back to Keystone.

“The program here has not only met but has exceeded my expectations,” she said. “Of course, working full time and going to graduate school presents challenges as far as time management. The fact that courses are all online makes it easier as far as my schedule is concerned and the faculty is always willing to be as helpful as they can. Keystone is very affordable compared to other programs. That helps a lot too.”

So, as Christy moves forward toward obtaining her master’s degree in 2024, she’ll be one step further to achieving her lofty career goals.

Christy Davall

Christy and her husband, Kenny Davall, Keystone Class of 2006