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Bristol Budd Sampson: Patriot of the American Revolution

KC Press Books

Margaret Denise Dennis

33 pages

About the book:

Bristol Budd Sampson: African American Patriot of the American Revolution, tells the true story of Bristol Budd Sampson, an African American man from Connecticut who in March 1777, when he was a teenager, enlisted in the Continental Army and served in the 2nd Regiment of the Connecticut Line until the end of the war, in 1783. Written for a juvenile audience, the book is a rhyming, 31-verse, narrative poem of four lines per verse with fifteen full-color illustrations. It is based on Bristol Budd Sampson’s Revolutionary War Pension File and history books from the Northeast Pennsylvania county and township where lived from the early 19th century until he passed away in 1848.

It also describes the final years of his life, when and his wife Phoebe Perkins Sampson lived with their children on a farm adjacent to her parents’ farm. The book’s author, M. Denise Dennis, is a direct descendant of Bristol Budd Sampson’s in-laws and is President and CEO of The Dennis Farm Charitable Land Trust (thedennisfarm.org) that maintains the family cemetery where he is buried, the Perkins-Dennis Cemetery on The Dennis Farm, in Pennsylvania. The Farm is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This is her fourth book.