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Finding Balance with Melinda Owens Bennett ‘09

Jun 21, 2023

In artistic terms, balance is how equal or unequal a visual appears. Harmony is when combined elements complement each other. At Keystone, Melinda Owens Bennett found harmonious balance not only in art, but in all aspects of daily living.81261 Osterhout Free Library Childrens Book 01 PROOF

As a Mountain View High School student, she realized her passion for capturing memorable moments and bringing visions to life. Today, the successful owner/entrepreneur of Brilliant Mix Design in Forty Fort cherishes her years in La Plume for leaving an indelible footprint on her career path.

“Keystone is where I learned to find balance, stay focused and see the big picture,” said Melinda, who holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design/digital media. “Peers with different majors and interests surrounded me, but we always managed to discover common bonds.”

Before striking out on her own in 2012, Melinda held several private-sector positions as a graphic designer. “Art weaves itself into and ties tightly into every aspect of our lives. It’s so versatile, but you have to find the right opportunities to apply your knowledge effectively,” she said.

Melinda credits a host of teachers and staff members for giving her confidence to succeed. “Dave Porter was my graphics instructor, and his wife Donna was my high school guidance counselor. They were beacons of light that guided me through my artistic developmental stage. Sally Tosti’s work was intriguing, her lectures inspiring.  I use many of the digital skills I learned from Dave and Sally to this very day. Drake Gomez, Judi Keats, Nikki Moser and Cliff Prokop were other very notable influences.”

Melinda recently illustrated a children’s book for the Osterhout Free Library and applies her artistic skills in various capacities for several nonprofit organizations in northeastern Pennsylvania.

OFLTourWB Promo Illustrator“Visually depicting my ideas is fulfilling, but I enjoy working with people who can’t conceive of something visually,” she noted. “It’s a challenge – and sometimes intimidating – to bring life to individual visions. All the work that goes into the final product drives my passion. I am forever grateful for the opportunities at Keystone and will always treasure the experiences that shaped my journey.”