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Senior Art Exhibit: Abigail Roberts

About Abigail

Abigail Roberts is an emerging glass artist studying the vast range of techniques offered by the glass world from traditional Venetian goblet-making to abstract sculpting. Her work explores the unique properties of glass to refract light. Abigail draws inspiration from the dynamic and vibrant relationships in her life. Currently, she is working towards a Bachelor’s in Visual Arts with concentrations in Glass and Ceramics. She has some experience working at the Corning Museum of Glass and currently resides in Yatesville, Pennsylvania.

Roberts Glass Work Roberts working Roberts Working on Glass

In recent years, I have really struggled to find what makes my artistic voice so distinctive. I have questioned my choices to work with various mediums, from graphic design to glass, and the choice to become an artist at all. Being an artist has forced me to face myself and ask what I truly enjoy and want to pursue. I have discovered so much about myself through working with glass. It has tested my humility and patience and continues to teach me every day. With these pieces, I want to portray the skillsets which I believe have shaped my artistic career so far and express the confidence I have gained with this material.

I have sculpted faces directly on the hot glass and used my experience with figure drawing to enhance the gestures of the facial features. In combination with powerful lighting, the colored refractions that these pieces create will interact with one another and represent the interconnectedness I experience with the diverse people in my life.

What I love most about glassblowing is the unique opportunity to work closely with other artists. I have discovered that I am constantly inspired by the unique comprehension and perspective of the world, which each artist brings to the bench. Within my work, I strive to explore the diversity that glass can offer as a material, which mirrors the immeasurable diversity of humankind.

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Senior Art Exhibition: “Forget Me Not”

We are the 2022 graduating seniors from Keystone College’s Visual Arts program. Join us as we pay tribute not only to the profession as a whole but to the individual artists themselves. Their dedication and hard work have brought them to this launching point in their careers as professional artists.

The students, all members of the 2022 graduating class, have spent years honing their skills in preparation for their professional debut. The show will consist of three-dimensional works that include glass, ceramics, and sculpting.

Location: AFA Art Gallery, Scranton, PA
Exhibit Opening: April 1, 2022
Exhibit on display: April 1-April 30
The gallery’s regular hours are Thursday through Saturday, 12 - 6 p.m.

Senior Exhibition Artists