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Senior Art Exhibit: Samantha Hamlin

About Samantha

Samantha Hamlin is a twenty-four-year-old artist from Johnson City, New York. She currently attends Keystone College, majoring in Art Education with concentrations in Ceramics, Painting, and Art Therapy. Samantha discovered her passion for ceramics and painting in her high school years and has continued to develop her skills during her time at Keystone College. For both ceramics and painting her work focuses on exploring various tree forms and each tree’s unique personality.

Samantha Hanlin pottery
Samantha Hanlin pottery

My work deals with creating medium to large ceramic vessels and then intertwining my interest in different tree forms using low relief carvings. By using clay as my medium, I feel as if I’m using an extension of the earth to create my own world. Where I grew up, our house is surrounded by forest, and we used to spend hours upon hours running around and climbing trees. When I think of trees I immediately think of their strength and reliance. I see them as I do people with their own personalities, connections, characteristics. Within my series of ceramic vessels, I hope to imprint those characteristics and personalities each tree has. I strive to show their strength and growth and those deeper meanings that hide within the trees.

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Senior Art Exhibition: “Forget Me Not”

We are the 2022 graduating seniors from Keystone College’s Visual Arts program. Join us as we pay tribute not only to the profession as a whole but to the individual artists themselves. Their dedication and hard work have brought them to this launching point in their careers as professional artists.

The students, all members of the 2022 graduating class, have spent years honing their skills in preparation for their professional debut. The show will consist of three-dimensional works that include glass, ceramics, and sculpting.

Location: AFA Art Gallery, Scranton, PA
Exhibit Opening: April 1, 2022
Exhibit on display: April 1-April 30
The gallery’s regular hours are Thursday through Saturday, 12 - 6 p.m.

Senior Exhibition Artists