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Teaching & Learning October 2021 Newsletter

Oct 7, 2021

Welcome back and we hope that the first half of the semester is going well so far. Conscious that the teaching landscape has been forever changed by the ongoing pandemic, we have included some resources and information that may be useful as we all continue to adapt to meet new learning demands and challenges.

This month’s Teaching and Learning e-newsletter also coincides with a number of nationally recognized events and dates, including LGBT history month, Disability Employment Month, National Italian American Heritage month, and World Mental Health Day on October 10th. We’ve included links to events, resources, and information that speak to these important matters of intersectionality, heritage and well-being. We hope that you find them informative and encourage you to share them with your students.

The Teaching and Learning Committee


OCT 7: Depression Screening [Counseling & Well-Being Center] 10am-12pm; 1pm-2pm

OCT 7: Disability Book Series: Demystifying Disability with Emily Ladau – Emily Ladau is an internationally known disability rights activist, writer, and speaker. Ladau’s writing has been published in outlets including the New York Times, HuffPost, CNN, Vice, The Daily Beast, Variety, and the Disability Series of the New York Times. She has served as an expert source on disability issues for outlets including NPR, Vox, Washington Post, and Teen Vogue. Her book, Demystifying Disability is an approachable guide to being a thoughtful, informed ally to disabled people, with actionable steps for what to say and do (and what not to do) and how you can help make the world a more accessible, inclusive place. 

OCT 7: Understanding Key Concepts of Mental Health Date and Time – Senator Dr. Stan Kutcher will be discussing two core components of mental health literacy and how we can apply our understanding of them to help us better weather the challenges of dragging pandemic and post-pandemic workplace realities. Dr Kutcher is an internationally renowned psychiatrist in adolescent mental health and leader in mental health research, education, and advocacy. 

OCT 18: Explore the Life and Legacy of Helen Keller – Enjoy highlights from the upcoming documentary, American Masters: Becoming Helen Keller, followed by a conversation about Helen Keller’s trailblazing advocacy and the evolution of the disability rights movement with Kirk Adams, President and CEO, American Foundation for the Blind; Alexandria Wailes, actor and dancer; and other leading experts. FREE Register for Explore the Life and Legacy of Helen Keller

OCT 19: The Psychological Origins of Stigma & Bias – How does cultural bias impact mental health treatment, prevention & recovery? This one-hour session includes discussion of the origins of understanding mental illness, how misinformation is spread, and how stigma impacts individuals and families. Learn tips for correcting negative perceptions in this one-hour session. Register for The Psychological Origins of Stigma & Bias

OCT 19: Learning the Lessons of the Marriage-Equality Movement: LGBT History Month -Sasha Issenberg is the author of The Engagement: America’s Quarter-Century Struggle Over Same-Sex Marriage. Timothy Stewart-Winter is a historian of sexuality, gender, and modern US politics. His first book Queer Clout: Chicago and the Rise of Gay Politics, was awarded the 2017 John Boswell Prize by the Committee on LGBT History. This virtual LGBT History Month event is being held in conjunction with LGBTQ student organizations. Register for Learning the Lessons of the Marriage-Equality Movement

OCT 20: The LGBT Purge in Canada: A forgotten history with Michelle Douglas – Michelle served as an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces from 1986 – 1989. Despite a distinguished service record, she was honorably discharged after being deemed “Not Advantageously Employable Due to Homosexuality”.
Michelle will take us through her journey as a veteran, a survivor of Canada’s “LGBT Purge” and an activist in the movement to seek legal equality for the LGBT2Q+ community over the past 30 years. Register for The LGBT Purge in Canada

OCT 28: Queer Women and Witchcraft through the ages: Women’s Programme. Hosted by the LGBT foundation – An online history talk by Mara Gold. Mara Gold is a PhD/DPhil candidate at the University of Oxford investigating Sapphic history in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with a particular focus on understanding and performing Sapphic identities through the ancient world. Register for Queer Women and Witchcraft

OCT 28: Keystone Night Hike 7:30 p.m., Outside of Library

Multiple Dates: Mosaic: A World in Motion – Commedia dell’Arte: The Italian Comedy – Mosaic: A World in Motion celebrates Italian-American Heritage Month with a stop at the Grand Canal in Venice for a visit with the iconic characters of Commedia dell’Arte, the matchless form of improvisational physical theater that took 16th and 17th century Europe by storm. FREE Register for Mosaic: A World in Motion

Month of October: Celebrate the achievements of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender icons. 

Month of October: Italian American Oral History [Senator John Heinz History Center]