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About Kathleen

Kathleen is a visual arts major at Keystone College. Her studies include concentrations in painting and drawing and graphic design as well as a minor in business. She uses color and floral references in her work to promote positivity and happiness. Although she works primarily in design, she carries a strong appreciation for her traditional painting foundation.

My artwork is a representation of what I strive for in life: positivity and happiness. I express that in my work through my color choices and use of floral references. I’ve recently been influenced by 1960s pattern design and color schemes. I enjoy using color theory to mix my own colors that mimic the 60s style. I researched the meanings of different flowers and their color psychology and found that scientific studies confirm the positive and uplifting effect that flowers bring. “Flowers remind us to enjoy the fruits and blessings of life in the moment, for time continues on”.

One of my many goals as an artist is to marry my appreciation for traditional painting with digital/graphic design. Although I work primarily in design, I try my best to include handwork as homage to my foundations as a painter.

I want to unite color and floral elements together in pattern. I look at these as prototypes for future designs incorporated in everyday life (clothing, upholstery, stationary, wallpaper, etc.). I used acrylics for this body of work as well as a selection of digital prints. My goal is to spread positivity and happiness into the world through my work. Pattern design enables me to spread my message beyond just a gallery wall, but into the lives of everyday people.

Becoming Poster

Senior Art Exhibition: "Becoming..."

We are the 2021 graduating seniors from Keystone College's Visual Arts program. Join us as we pay tribute not only to the profession as a whole but to the individual artists themselves. Their dedication and hard work have brought them to this launching point in their careers as professional artists.

Location: AFA Gallery, 101 Penn Ave., Downtown Scranton
Exhibit Opening: April 2, 6–9 p.m.
Exhibit on display: April 2–May 1, 2021
Gallery hours: Thursday through Sunday, noon–6 p.m.
CDC rules: Max 15 people, social distancing, and masks required

Senior Exhibition Artists