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Photo caption: Keystone College student Lindsey Lockwood with her ADDY award at the recent American Advertising Awards national competition in Chicago.

Not just one, but two ADDY Awards

A Keystone College student won two ADDY awards at the recent American Advertising Awards national competition in Chicago.

Keystone student Lindsey Lockwood, Milford, Pa., won a gold Student ADDY Award and a Mosaic ADDY Award for her series of illustrations entitled, “Presidential Quotes.” The ADDY’s are considered the advertising industry’s most prestigious awards.

Ms. Lockwood won the gold Student ADDY for the originality and creativity of her work while the Mosaic ADDY recognized her piece for its “spirit of diversity and inclusion.” A visual art major with a concentration in graphic design and print media, and a minor in business, Ms. Lockwood will begin her senior year at Keystone in the fall.

“I’m still in shock,” she said after attending the event in Chicago on June 8. “It’s really an unbelievable feeling to have my work recognized in this way. I was notified in advance that I’d be receiving a silver or gold student award and then to win the gold is so exciting. The Mosaic award was a complete surprise. I had no idea I would be receiving it.”

Linocut by addy award winner Lindsey Lockwood

About her work

Her work is a linocut, which is art created by carving a design in a piece of linoleum. She created the piece as an honors project for a printmaking class taught by Keystone Professor Sally Tosti. Ms. Lockwood created portraits of prior presidents spanning the nation’s history and political spectrum: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. She paired the portraits with documented and controversial quotes from Donald Trump, most made during his presidential candidacy and one from years earlier which was first reported during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“My purpose is to take a closer look at how President Trump uses language and its impact on the country and our history,” Ms. Lockwood said.  “I want people to think about how other presidents might have been perceived if they had used this same type of language. I would like give others a new perspective in the hope that we can learn from his example and the way he chooses to express himself.”

Ms. Lockwood credited members of the Keystone art faculty, particularly Professor Tosti, Professor David Porter, and Professor Drake Gomez for encouraging her to apply for the rigorous ADDY competition.

“The art faculty at Keystone is fantastic,” she said. “They encourage you to set high goals for yourself and to be as creative as you possibly can. They have been so supportive of me throughout my time here and I’m looking forward to my senior year.”

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