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Award-winning author and journalist Suzanne Fisher Staples will present “Hinduism: A Story of the World’s Oldest Living Religion” on Monday, January 18 at 7:30 p.m. at Evans Hall in Hibbard Campus Center. The event, sponsored by Keystone College’s Concerts and Lectures Series, is free of charge and open to the public.


Ms. Staples spent time in India during her time as a foreign news editor for the Washington Post and as South Asia editor for United Press International. She studied Hinduism, visited holy sites, and talked to Hindus about their beliefs and customs. Years later, while doing research for her novel, Shiva’s Fire, she returned to India to visit temples, speak with religious leaders, and discover the meaning in Hindus stories passed down through generations. She will share her knowledge and experiences during the presentation.

A Keystone College graduate and Nicholson resident, Ms. Staples is the author of several award-winning novels. Under the Persimmon Tree, set in Afghanistan, is recognized by the International reading association as a “Notable Book for a Global Society.” Her novel, Shabanu Daughter of the Wind, received the prestigious Newbery Honor. In recent years, she has been devoted to organizing and presenting The Gathering, a well-known creativity conference at Keystone College.