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Members of the Keystone College community gathered at All-College Honors Convocation to celebrate the academic achievements of students and recognize accomplishments of faculty and staff. Awards were presented to students across Keystone’s six academic divisions and to faculty and staff.

Staff Mbmr of the Year 2015

Staff Member of the Year: Mary Kern. From left: Dr. Karen Yarrish, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. David L. Coppola, President; Mary Kern; and Joan Jenkins, Chair of Staff Assembly.

IMG_7110 admin of the year

Administrator of the Year: Lucas Taylor. From left: Dr. Yarrish, Lucas Taylor, and Dr. Coppola.IMG_7180 Chamberliln Chair

Margaretta Belin Chamberlin Chair Award for Distinguished Faculty Service: Vicki Stanavitch. From left: Dr. Yarrish, Vicki Stanavitch, and Dr. Coppola.


Division of Business, Management and Technology Information Technology Award: Dustin Frey. From left: Dr. Yarrish; Dr. Dana Harris, Division of Business, Management and Technology Chair; Dustin Frey; and Dr. Coppola.

IMG_7132 BMT business

Division of Business, Management and Technology Business Award: Michelle Patire. From left: Dr. Yarrish, Dr. Harris, Michelle Patire, and Dr. Coppola.

IMG_7133 BMT accounting

Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Award: Andrew Tremko. From left: Dr. Yarrish, Dr. Harris, Andrew Tremko, and Dr. Coppola.

IMG_7136 Culinary Arts

Division of Business, Management and Technology Culinary Arts Award: Kari Plank. From left: Dr. Yarrish, Dr. Harris, Kari Plank, and Dr. Coppola.

IMG_7138 BMT sport and rec award

Division of Business, Management and Technology Sport and Recreation Management Award: Bryce Fountain and Tiana Genetti. From left: Dr. Yarrish, Dr. Harris, Bryce Fountain, Tiana Genetti, and Dr. Coppola.

IMG_7140 spirit of epictetus tiana geneti

Spirit of Epictetus Award: Tiana Genetti. From left: Dr. Yarrish, Dr. Harris, Tiana Genetti, and Dr. Coppola

IMG_7150 CAH awards

Division of Communication Arts and Humanities Awards Recipients: Jennifer Kern, J. Harold Brislin Award (Outstanding Baccalaureate Communication Major Award); Macaulay Glynn, Edward M. Cameron IV Poetry Competition Award; Phillip Canfield and Christina Sinibaldi, Tracy Compton Convocation Award; Jaclyn Nat, Communication Arts and Humanities Division Award; Christina Sinibaldi, T. Rose Cogswell Memorial Fund Award (prose fiction); and Brittney Tobin, Chester Merrick Memorial Fund Award (theater).

IMG_7154 EDUC awards

Division of Education Award Recipients: Nicole Marzani, Dr. Walter B. Barbe Award in Education for Excellence in Language and Literacy; Deborah Norton and Tasha Soltis, Exemplary Achievement in Early Childhood /Special Education; Brittany Cardona and Jessica Johansen, Exemplary Achievement in Art Education; Samantha Mileti, Exemplary Achievement in Math Education; Maggie Pearce, Mollie Hanover Award; Temitope Adesanya, Nicole Delevan, Victoria Wallace, Sarah Wiltshire, Kristin Yorkanis, and Katherine Valentine, Rising Stars in the Field of Education.

Division of Fine Arts Award Recipients: Nicole Delevan and Melanie Rosato, Fine Arts Division Award; Alicia Reid and Stephanie Zdimal, Scotty Neuroth Memorial Fund Award; and Mikayla Lewis and Karlee Patton, Jo Ann M. Donahue Memorial Fund Award.

Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Award Recipients: Award recipients include: Argit Marishta and Brittany Spaide, General Biology; Kelley Thornton, Environmental Biology; Jerica Rode, Physical Therapy; Laura Edwards, Environmental Resource Management; Mary Chylak, Forensic Biology; Richard Parduski, Geology; Tara Banfield, Outstanding Research Achievement; William McLay, Supplemental Instruction Program Award; Justin Clarke and Sarah Langan, Wildlife Biology; Argit Marishta, Public Health; and Kaitlynn Kuchta, Health Science.

Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences Award Recipients: Award recipients include: Ashley Evans, Psychology; Ashley Hamm and Samantha Mehall, Criminal Justice; Megan Karhnak, Excellence in Research Award; and Bryan McIntyre, Social Sciences.

Edward G. Boehm, Jr., Award for Excellence in Service Learning: Bryce Fountain. From left: Dr. Coppola, Bryce Fountain, and Dr. Yarrish.

Honors Scholars: Justin Clarke, Ashley Evans, Tiana Genetti, Sarah Langan, Argit Marishta, Melaina McCracken, Megan Mercanti, Jaclyn Nat, Michelle Patire, Danielle Pierce, Jerica Rode, Brittany Spaide and Megan Vesey.

Outstanding Graduate: Argit Marishta.

IMG_7169 outstanding grad