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1868 Society

Lifetime Giving Over $100,000

Keystone College gratefully acknowledges its donors at all levels of giving. Of course, the best reward for your contribution is the knowledge that you have made a difference in the lives of our students. Keystone would like to publicly recognize the following alumni, friends, foundations, corporations and matching gift companies for their extraordinary levels of giving, each with lifetime contributions in excess of $100,000. Thank you for including Keystone College in your generosity.

The 1868 Society, named for the year Keystone College was founded, was established during the 2014-2015 academic year. A working dinner is hosted by the President of the College twice each year as a means of informing, engaging and gathering feedback from two of our leadership groups of donors, the 1868 Society and the Evergreen Society.

Questions about giving?

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Staff Contact List

1868 - Gold

Anonymous (2)

Allied Services

Mr. Myer M. Alperin

Mr. John A.C. and Mrs. Patricia Atkins

ATR LaPlume, LLC
               Mr. Arthur Russo

Dr. Edward G., Jr. ’13H and Mrs. Regina E. ’13H Boehm

Estate of Florence L. Brown        

Mrs. Margaretta Belin Chamberlin           

The Dox Family Fund
                Mr. Joseph F. ’68 and Mrs. Corinne J. Dox

Mr. Keith W. Eckel

The Evergreen Charitable Fund
                Mr. John and Mrs. Nancy Peregrim ’56 Behrmann

Fleckenstein Charitable Foundation
              Mr. William O. ’47 and Mrs. Jeanne Swarts ’43 Fleckenstein
              Mr. David M. Kozak and Ms. Anne Pistell

Follett Higher Education Group

Galileo Consulting Group, Inc.
                Mr. Jonathan Lees Davis ’80 and Ms. Jill Rathbun

Mr. Allan E. Granger ’53

Mr. Donald T. ’50 and Mrs. Mary S. Haman

The Hawk Family Foundation
                Mr. Elmer R. ’48 and Mrs. Louise Hawk
                Mr. David and Mrs. Ann Hawk

Mr. Frank W. and Mrs. Jean Hubbard

Mr. Michael E. ’74 and Mrs. Diane R. Jones

Mr. David L. ’67 and Mrs. Marijo M. Kirtland

Mr. Gary Lee Koerner ’62

Lackawanna County Council on the Arts

Mr. William A. ’51 and Mrs. Doris Lees   

Mr. Willard H. ’51 and Mrs. Nancy Stonebraker ’54 Lewis

Mrs. Dorothy DeWitt Mackie ’52               

Dr. Lloyd H. ’62 and Dr. Barbara Ann Smith ’62 Michael

Mr. Hal Miller ’57

Mr. John S. Morrison, Jr. ’67

Mr. Wilbur E. Myers      

G.R. Noto Electrical Construction, Inc.
                Mr. Gabriel J. Noto

Overlook Estate Foundation

PA Department of Environmental Protection

Procter & Gamble

The Schoenbaum Foundation
                Mrs. Betty Schoenbaum

Mrs. Frederick J. Scott ’25            

Scranton Area Foundation

Ms. Virginia L. Sirotnak 

Mr. Thomas G. ’72 and Mrs. JoAnn M. Speicher

The New York Community Trust

The Penates Foundation

Visual Aids Electronics Corporation

Dr. Midori Yamanouchi

Estate of Florian ZaBach               

1868 - Platinum

Mr. Albert G. and Mrs. Barbara Albert    

Mr. Dorrance R. and Mrs. Susan S. Belin

Margaret Briggs Foundation

Dr. Jack C. and Mrs. Denise Cassell

Mrs. Rita F. Cupillari       

Ms. Caroline C. Donovan ’48

The Mellen Foundation
                Dr. John D. and Dr. Elizabeth Drinko

The Frieder Foundation
                Mr. L.P. and Mrs. Amanda Von Rudenborg Frieder
                Mr. Peter, Jr. and Mrs. Laura Frieder

Geisinger Community Medical Center

Dr. L. Douglas Meredith ’22

Mr. Paul M. and Mrs. Sandra Gaudenzi ’61 Montrone

Dr. Jay Nathan

Mr. Karl O. Neuroth and Mrs. Diane Coleman Paparo ’76

Oppenheim Foundation
                Mrs. Jane E. Oppenheim

PNC Bank

The Ross Family Foundation
                Mr. Adrian E. Ross
                Mr. James A. and Mrs. Gloria A. Ross

Swartley Brothers Engineers, Inc.
                Mr. Robert H. ’75 and Mrs. Maureen R. Swartley

Willary Foundation
                The Honorable William W. Scranton, II and Mrs. Mary L. Scranton
                Mr. William W., III and Mrs. Maryla Scranton
                Mrs. Susan Scranton Dawson

The P&G Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation

1868 - Diamond

Mr. Thomas W. ’52 and Mrs. Charlotte Moser ’53 Davis

Mr. Jack P., Ph.D. ’37 and Mrs. Beatrice Donis     

Mr. Sergius Gambal ’47 

The JTBC Foundation

Mr. Robert L. ’57 and Mrs. Mary Lu Fries ’59 Kagler

Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program

Sodexo, Inc. & Affiliates

Sodexo, Inc. – Dining Services

Mrs. Paige Stahl ’63

Turock Family Foundation
         Dr. Betty J. Noone ’53 Turock and Dr. Gus Friedrich
         Dr. David L. ’77 and Mrs. Heather A. Logie Turock

Mr. Robert Urie ’50