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Emergency Preparedness

We are committed to protecting the well being of our Keystone family members and our beautiful campus, and therefore would like to keep you informed of our ongoing efforts to this end. Keystone has long-recognized the importance of preparedness; our Campus Response Team, in conjunction with our Safety Committee, work to provide a safe teaching and learning environment, as well as to proactively prepare to deal with emergency situations.

Preparedness Planning

Campus administrators work diligently to review and refine our current emergency response procedures on an on-going basis. Appropriate personnel meet with Keystone’s contracted external safety consultant, Cocciardi and Associates, and regularly update contingency plans to address potential threats to our security. The purpose of these plans is to assure an organized and coordinated plan for prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery, as they pertain to emergencies that could arise. Although we are optimistic that these plans will not be called into play, please be assured that we are prepared to respond appropriately should events deem it necessary to do so.

Emergency Crisis

The Keystone community will follow any and all recommendations of the local Emergency Management Agency in the event of a crisis scenario. Emergency plans will fall into two broad categories. In the event that we receive word from PEMA (Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency) that a crisis exists, one of two major scenarios will be implemented:

General Evacuation of the College

Should we receive notification from PEMA that it is necessary to vacate the campus, all members of the Keystone community will be instructed to follow appropriate government guidelines for directions to a pre-designated safe area.

On-Campus Shelter

In the event of a situation in which we’ve been notified by emergency officials to remain in place, all Keystone family members will be directed to a secure on-campus location. If circumstances dictate, ventilation systems will be turned off and the environment will be secured until receipt of further instructions from emergency management. The College has addressed provisions for food and water. We suggest that individuals prepare a personal emergency supply kit, as per guidelines available at www.ready.gov orwww.redcross.org.

Although the anxiety surrounding world situations is unavoidable, we at Keystone have the strength of our commitment to each other and to our shared community to help guide us through these difficult times. It is this sense of family that enhances our experiences and our daily lives, and will enable us to meet any and all challenges that we may face. Despite the uncertainties of the world situation, we encourage you to continue in your pursuit of the full and rewarding college experience available to you here at Keystone College.

Outbreak of any infectious disease

The outbreak of any infectious disease, such as Influenza, Enterovirus, or Ebola is a matter of concern and widespread attention. The Student Counseling and Well-Being Center at Keystone College is vigilant in keeping abreast of the situation as it unfolds.

More information about infectious diseases.