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English as a Second Language

Students who are admitted to the College with a TOEFL score between 70 and 79 (IBT) and students whose primary language is not English may be required to take ESL 0050 and/or ESL 0051, in addition to their degree courses during their first semester at Keystone College. A consultation and evaluation must be arranged between the student and the ESL coordinator prior to the beginning of classes for the student’s first semester to determine the need for one or both courses. Placement in ESL classes will be based on the student’s competency in the academic use of English for writing, speaking/listening comprehension, and reading.

In consultation with the ESL coordinator and the ESL instructors, students will be reassessed at the end of their first semester. Students with a grade of B- or better in ESL 0050 and 0051 will not be required to take further ESL classes and may be enrolled in English 1120. Students with grades lower than B- will be placed in ESL 0052 for the second semester.

In order to provide appropriate academic support for students whose primary language is not English and those who have been admitted with a TOEFL score between 70 and 79, the ESL coordinator, the student’s academic advisor, and instructors of degree courses in which the student is enrolled will maintain contact throughout the first and second semesters. Students will be encouraged to take advantage of tutoring services and support services provided by the College as deemed necessary.

Course Descriptions

ESL 0050 – Academic Writing: Serves as a pre-English 1120 writing class emphasizing appropriate organization and style for a variety of academic writing situations in English. Emphasis is on grammar, vocabulary, and rhetorical styles. The course covers aspects of academic writing that will help students become better writers. Five hours lecture and workshop, 3 credits.

ESL 0051- Academic Reading Seminar: Uses reading as a basis for discussion, debate, and individual presentations. Students will increase vocabulary and reading speed in addition to practicing how to interact in U.S. classroom discussion and how to prepare and make presentations. Five hours lecture and workshop, 3 credits.

ESL 0052 – Advanced Academic Writing Seminar: Based on a student’s work from the previous semester, emphasizing writing and discussion skills that are necessary for academic success in English, 3 credits.