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Formal Admission to the Education Program

Education students must apply for formal admission to the education program at Keystone College before being permitted to take 3000 and 4000 level education classes.


In order to be formally accepted to the education program, the following steps must be completed:

Step 1.


Students must complete all required and appropriate PECT tests.

Please note that as of July 8, 2022 basic skills testing has been waived per Act 55.

Step 2.

Obtain Your Clearances

Any education student wishing to be formally accepted into the education program must obtain required clearances by July 1 for the academic year in which you will be applying.

Step 3.

Submit Credential Portfolio

Credential Portfolios, submitted via Live Text, must contain specific documentation to show evidence of professional knowledge.

Step 4.

Apply Online

Deadlines for online application:

  • July 20 for the August interviews
  • November 20 for the January interviews

Step 5.


Interviews are held two times per year, in August and December.


Karen Arcangelo, Ph.D.
Location: Ward Hall