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Written by Vicki Stanavitch, Ph.D., ’92
Associate Professor of Public Health and Chair of Biological and Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Public health workers in all fields are needed now more than ever. According to a report outlining the public health workforce deficiencies, available public health workers in most specialization fields is at a critically low level (Rosenstock, et al., 2008). Given the current Coronavirus pandemic, these deficiencies are of even greater importance.

Public Health workers are on the front lines of the prevention protocols. Public Health Educators and Public Health Communications experts are developing messaging and communication strategies for stopping the spread of the disease within the healthy population. Campaigns like “30 Days to Slow the Spread” and the multitude of handwashing messages are designed and delivered by these vital public health professionals.

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Epidemiologists and Environmental Health specialists attempt to discover all they can about where the disease comes from and how to stop the virus from spreading further. Public Health Researchers search for treatments and vaccines that can, at the very least, stop the spread of the infection and prolong the life of infected patients, as well as cataloging virus features for future outbreak prevention.

Public Health Laboratory professionals analyze test kits and develop new testing methods for identifying positive patients as quickly as possible. Public Health Policy Analysts and Advocates try to push legislation and relief efforts to fund public health initiatives.

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Public Health Physicians and Nurses are on the front lines, monitoring the spread within the population and treating patients in the hardest hit areas, both globally and nationally. Lastly, the Public Health workforce helps to mobilize resources when disasters, like COVID 19, strikes an area through development and implementation of emergency plans. And these are just a few career areas in public health!

Sadly, there are not enough Public Health workers in the field to meet this growing problem. Now is the time to train for and enter this amazing career field. Without an adequate Public Health workforce, responses to diseases, like COVID 19, will be inadequate to stem the tide of infection.

Examples of Public Health Messaging

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Keystone College public health majors enjoy real-world experiences as part of the LEARN Chicago program. Public Health students learn about public and urban health and visit non-profits and social service agencies. The students toured cultural and public health venues through a program offered by the Chigago Center for Urban Life and Culture, paying particular attention to public health issues.