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Nightshade Press Books 1989 – 2015 by Author Last Name

Nightshade Press History

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Title Author First Name Author Last Name Year
Every Day a Visitor Richard Abrons 1996
The Roads I Travel M. Ray Allen 1990
The Feast of All Saints Joseph Bathanti 1994
Mid-Passage Wendy Bishop 1997
  Black Diamond (second ed.) Karen Blomain 1990
Borrowed Light Karen Blomain 1992
Five Poets Thomas Blomain 2006
Gray Area Thomas Kielty Blomain 2004
Normal Avenue Karen Blomain 1998
  The Slap Karen Blomain 1990
  The Slap Karen Blomain 1992
Mixty Motions Ted Bookey 1995
Grass Creek Chronicle (Second Edition) Patricia Carr 1992
The Nightshade Nightstand Reader Fred Chappell 1995
Martyrdom of the Onions Michael Chitwood 1991
Androscoggin Too Robert Maurice Chute 1997
Woodshed on the Moon R Chute 1991
Impossible Furniture Elizabeth Cohen 1993
The Best of Barnes Susan C. Conley 1996
First Photographs of Heaven Jack Coulehan, M.D. 1994
The Knitted Glove Jack Coulehan, M.D. 1991
The Knitted Glove Jack Coulehan, M.D. 1991/1994
Scrapple Craig Czury 1995
The Center of Distance Melody Davis 1992
Blackberries Nancy Deisroth 1991
Ghost Train William Doreski 1991
Passing Through David Elliott 2007
The Wild Trout Walt Franklin 1991
An Intricate Lacing Patricia Goodrich 1992
Out of Plumb Elizabeth Hahn 1992
A Failure of Loveliness Linda Lee Harper 1994
Built in Fear of Heat Ava Leavell Haymoon 1994
The Nightshade Short Story Reader Ted Holmes 1991
Two If by Sea Edward M. Holmes 1994
Poems Susan R. Ide
Family of Strangers Debra Kaufman 1990
Birthmarks nzadi zimele keita 1993
3,000 Dreams Explained Carl Little 1992
Rowing Past Eden Judy Longley 1992
The Cow Wars Daniel Lusk 1995
Outside a Tattoo Booth Al Maginnes 1991
If One Lived on the Equator Peter Mandel 1993
The True Speed of Things Louis McKee 1991
The Man from Maple Grove Glenn McKee 1990
My Old Man Was Always on the Lam Tony Medina
Closing the Gate Beverly Merrick 1993
Annie’s Night Out Carole Murphy 1990
Bone Music Howard Nelson 1997
Knocking Down Pears Joan Cockrell New 1990
Troy Corner Poems Carolyn Page 1994
Dandelion Soul Terry L. Persun 1990
Rebuilding the Porch Walt Peterson 1990
White Linen Diana Pickney 1998
Riding Down Dark Ronald Pies, M.D. 1992
Ferns on Fire Kenneth Pobo 1991
Snakedreams Barbara Presnell 1994
Camphorwood Elizabeth Raby 1992
New Winter Light Keith Ratzlaff 1994
Ashes and Mead Diane Robinson 1991
Farmwife Susan Roney-O’Brian 2000
The Lilacs Will Bloom Muriel Rossel 1990
Wood Heat Rebecca Rule 1992
Wood Heat Rebecca Rule 1992
What the Truth Tastes Like Martha Silano 1999
The Names of Trees R. T. Smith 1991
Outside the Kremlin Margo Solod 1996
Eavesdropping Mary Rudbeck Stanko 1991
Poor People Shelby Stephenson 1998
The Persimmon Tree Carol Shelby Stephenson 1990
Corn Dance Jeri Theriault 1994
My Father’s Harmonica Madeline Tiger 1991
The Appearance of Green Sue Walker 1995
Pagan Faith Ron Watson 1992
Taking the History David Watts, M.D. 1999
What Remains Joe Weil
Unfinished Business Julie H. White 1996
A Pocket History of the World Mary Winters 1996
Dreamweeds Bill Wood 1990